Silver Stud Earrings

Affordable Jewelry Collecting

A nice piece of jewelry has always been considered to be a good investment, well, if it's real. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying some inexpensive costume jewelry especially if it is such a unique piece and will go well with a lot of your outfits. If you are still trying out getting into jewelry collecting, a good piece for you to start with is a nice pair of silver stud earrings. While this is a very simple piece, silver stud earrings are actually very versatile and can match a lot of different kinds of outfits.

Sterling Silver Stud Earrings:

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Designs of Silver Stud Earrings

Of course you should not limit yourself with just the usual tiny sterling silver ball stud earrings, there are lots of different designs available at jewelry stores for you to choose from. Some prime examples are the onyx studs silver earrings if you want something less plain and more modern or if you are more of the usual girly-girl, you can check out the silver rose stud earrings.

Silver Color or Sterling Silver?

While silver jewelry are definitely cheaper compared to other types of jewelry like gold, white gold, and platinum, you should also check out if the pieces you are going to buy are sterling silver and not just silver color. Do not fret though as it is very easy to see if what you have in your hands is silver tone jewelry. In the United States, it needs to be properly stamped .925. In other places, simply try to see if what you are holding smells a lot like metal. If it has that rust-like smell, do not buy it. You can probably count on that pair of supposed silver earrings or that chain necklace to be turning black in just a week.s use.

Fancy Sterling Silver

When looking for the latest silver jewelry trend, look at what is selling in high end jewelry stores. Favorite styles are like the ones made popular by American jeweler, Tiffany & Co. This company does not only produce fine sterling silver jewelry like lariats, cuffs, charm bracelets, and rings, it also has a lot of nice sterling silver baby stuff as well. Remember that sterling silver baby rattle that Charlotte received from her first husband, Trey, in Sex and the City? Well that was bought in Tiffany's. The same goes for the sterling silver telephone dialer that Audrey Hepburn got in the iconic movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's.