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Great style and lasting value have always been found in authentic Sterling Silver Earrings. For regal or romantic reasons, decorating the ears with sterling silver has been practices though the centuries.

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Some stones look better when against silver; others look better against yellow gold. Many believe that diamonds look bigger when against sterling silver or white gold instead of the more commonly used yellow gold. Test to see what gemstones look best for you.

Like gold, silver content and quality must be accurately signified. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has established a set of stamps and markings to represent silver content and you should look for them when making a silver purchase.

Sterling silver is 92.5 percent (925 parts) pure silver and 7.5 percent (75 parts) accompanying alloy. Only jewelry that is at least 92.5 percent pure silver can be called or labeled "silver," "solid silver," "sterling silver," or "sterling."

Appropriate markings include: "925," ".925," or "92.5." Silver-plated items must be identified as "silver plated," "silver coated," or "plated with silver."

Because oxidation will occur with silver, proper care must be taken to ward of tarnishing of your sterling silver earrings. Don't wear them around-the-clock, or expose them to water. Remove them while bathing, swimming and sleeping.

For maintenance cleaning, avoid water unless absolutely necessary. Try a "Sunshine Cloth" for regular buffing that enhances and holds silver's everlasting shine.

To remove abundant tarnishing, there are products available in jewelry stores and mass-market retail establishments. Be warned, however, that cleansing dips can adversely affect many stones set in silver.

Another tip is to not store your Sterling Silver Earrings away for prolonged periods of time. Carefully wrapping silver jewelry pieces in anti-tarnish paper and placing it in a plastic bag is a safe and simple storage method.