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With many people having some sort of irraitation to earrings containing nickel, it isn't suprising that titanium earrings are becoming quite popular. For those with earring allergies, platinum or titanium earrings are best. Of the two, titanium is the most affordable. As they are allergy-free, they make great gifts to anyone with pierced ears.

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More and more people are going for titanium earrings nowadays. These are not just for women but also for men who sport these ear blings. Perhaps you are wondering why a lot of people are going after the titanium option. When people hear the word, jewelry, they often think of gold or silver. There are some who fantasize about getting platinum jewelry. These are all expensive options to add some glamour to your life. And definitely, it does cost a very handsome amount.

One reason why people are going for titanium earrings is because they are way cheaper than any gold or silver piece. They cost less than half the price of gold and silver earrings. And these are good news for you, cost-efficient shoppers. There are a lot of people think about cost first before indulging in any purchase of jewelry. As a matter of fact, most people check the price tag first before they actually look at the whole piece itself. So if you would like to buy a really affordable piece of jewelry, then you could always just go for titanium earrings.

Titanium Colors

Another plus point for titanium earrings is the customizability of the metal. Titanium comes in many different colors. You can opt for the classic silver-gray color or go for a more radical color like blue or purple, perhaps. This ability is solely claimed by titanium. Unlike gold or silver, titanium can be folded to other colors. And jewelry which is supposed to say something about you is going to be perfect with titanium. It will be able to match well with your chosen look for the day and as well as your mood. It's not just about the shape of the earrings. The color will bend in the scheme as well.

For All

Titanium earrings are enjoyed by both men and women. If you have larger piercing, titanium is one of the most popular metals. They are worn in both lower and upper ear piercings. Designs vary from simple hoops to more elaborate designs. There is something for everyone.