White Gold Earrings

White Gold Earrings: Exquisite Look, Affordable Price

Purchasing jewelry is a very personal choice. Your sense of style, personality, and the image you wish to portray all matter. As white gold has increased in popularity, the white gold earrings seem to be at the top of wish lists. This is probably due to the image of elegance white gold conveys, as well as the variety and affordability it offers. Earrings can be worn daily, or changed for special occasions.

White Gold Earrings:

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White Gold is Replacing Platinum

Many of us love the look of the expensive metal platinum. When it comes to buying jewelry for your ears, you may want to look to white gold earrings. There are a few reasons that you may want to consider white gold over platinum for your earring collection.

White gold earrings are relatively affordable. Platinum is a little more expensive. In some cases it is a lot more costly than its golden counterpart. You can achieve the same rich look of platinum without the hefty expense.

If you have sensitive ears you may have had some very painful experiences with certain metals. Platinum is wonderful but it can really wreak havoc on some sensitive earlobes. White gold earrings are much nicer to your ears. Some earrings just irritate ears way too much to be worn.

The Gold Standard: White Gold Earrings

Among the reasons that gold is classically popular is that there are so many more items to choose from with the golden variety. I prefer white gold earrings over yellow gold ones because the metal works better with most gemstones. When it comes to jewelry for the ears you really want to focus attention on the gem rather than the setting.

I immediately noticed the difference between yellow and white gold earrings when it came to enhancing the look of the gemstone. My particular set was a diamond pair of white gold earrings that were absolutely stunning. My husband mentioned that the stones were not nearly as big as my other pair but something about the earrings caught his eye.

The smaller stones didn't appear to be smaller at all. The white gold earrings with the diamond gemstones looked as large as the bigger pair. In fact, I didn.t believe that they were not the same size. I had to compare.

He was right. The yellow gold set of earrings had diamonds that were considerably larger than the white gold earrings. However, they appeared to be the same size at first glance. You really couldn.t tell until the pairs of earrings were right next to each other.

The reflective quality of the lighter gold tone seems to expand the gemstone while the yellow version encases it. If you really want to focus on the gemstone you want to keep the color of the setting as light as possible to set off the stone. I find that white gold earrings make wonderful settings for even the smallest gemstone.

White Gold Earrings: A Gift of Class

If you are considering a gift for a young graduate, a special anniversary, or a holiday, white gold earrings will be a guaranteed hit. Make sure you know if your special someone has pierced ears or not, as that will affect your purchase. Any good jeweler can help you select a perfect pair of white gold earrings. This is one of those gifts that won't be forgotten.