What Makes a Gem Fashionable?

We all love jewelry and we appreciate it when our jewelry is fashionable. When buying gemstone jewelry how can we tell if it is a fad gemstone or not? Throughout history, different gemstones have stood to the forefront of fashion at different times, depending on a multitude of factors that combine to make certain gems more popular than others. So what exactly is it that makes a gem fashionable?


We humans are fickle creatures, and it is in our nature to want what we cannot have. The reason that gemstones are highly prized and expensive is because of their relative rarity. The mining of precious stones can be an arduous task that is both dangerous and costly, a combination that makes gemstones difficult to acquire. As humans, we like to be different too, to stand out from the crowd, and we express our individuality in our outward appearance, the clothes we wear, the styles we prefer. The less prevalent a jewel, the more effectively it can help us express our uniqueness to the world, so usually it is the more uncommon stones that become the most desirable.

Famous Faces

Conversely, we also love to emulate the people we admire, and express our respect or adoration for particular individuals by copying their clothing or jewelry. Remember that pink diamond engagement ring that Jennifer Lopez wore when she became engaged to Ben Affleck? Sales in fancy-colored pink diamonds simply went through the roof when that ring appeared on her finger. People in the public eye have an enormous influence on what stones become most fashionable.


As humans too, we love novelty. Our quick wits keep us on the look out for new ways to express ourselves, and new styles in clothing and jewelry invariably intrigue us. Throughout history, new gemstone finds have resulted in new fashions, as we enjoy wearing something new and different.

Classic Appeal

Hand in hand with novelty however must come some sense of classic appeal, otherwise novelties quickly burn out as short term fads. While change is a part of the very nature of fashion, there must be something enduring about a gemstone or other fashion item to make it more than just a passing fancy. All of the memorable fashions throughout history have had some universal appeal, something about them that made them desirable to everyone . this is the very essence of fashion.


Those who can take a popular item and wear it in a way that is expressive of their unique personality display a real sense of fashion. Fashion icons have always shown a sense of individuality, of self-awareness, taking what is popular at the time and molding it to perfectly convey their personality. A really fashionable gem is one worn in a unique and a personal way.

If you are looking for a fashionable gemstone, simply wear your favorite stone in your own way. That way you will be making fashion, rather than simply following it!

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