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Brighten your day with reminders of springtime. Tulip jewelry is colorful and bright.

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Sweet Tulip Sayings, Quotes and Trivia (to add to your gift)

  • Put your tu-lips against mine.
  • A tulip is the symbol for imagination, dreaminess and the perfect lover.
  • Nothing is as perfect in its simplicity as a tulip.
  • May our love bloom like a tulip.
  • All tulips grow with love.
  • As delicate as a tulip.
  • Beauty is a fading flower. This tulip is forever.
  • Come wander in my fields of tulips.
  • Bless the tulips and the weeds, the birds and the bees.
  • Not for all the tulips in Holland.
  • One tulip does not bring spring.
  • What came first, the tulip or the bulb?
  • Which flower does everyone wear on their face? Tulips.
  • "In Persia, the tulip, whose blossom is scarlet while the centre of its glowing cup is black, is used to express warm affection; and, when sent by a lover, will convey the idea that like this flower, his face is warm and his heart is consumed as a coal." - Anne Pratt in "The Field, the Garden and the Woodland" (1838)
  • All parts of a tulip are edible.

Tulip Jewelry * Tulip Sayings (for your gift) * Tulip Poem
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    Tulips in Spring

    Oh how colorful they are
    Against the winter snow
    Oh how bold their colors be
    Oh how tall they grow
    Like the love with in me
    I say hello to thine
    I wish that you will bloom with me
    And be forever mine