Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is classic, sophisticated jewelry. Ever since gold has been made into jewelry, it usually is the first choice for jewelry if one can afford it. It makes a wonderful gift for loved ones. Everyone enjoys it whether they are young, old or in between.

Gold Necklaces:

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Sweet Notes and Trivia to Add to Your Gift

    • You are my golden delight.
    • Your smile is like golden sunshine that brightens the room when you enter it.
    • You are more precious than gold.
    • They say one like you has a golden heart - one that is filled with love.
    • "Teocuitatl" is the Aztec word for gold. It translates as "the experiments of god".
    • Argentina was named after "gold".
    • Gold flutes have a much different tone then ones made of silver.


Gold is made into most types of jewelry. You can find simple pendants and charms as well as fancier rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Most popular is a gold engagement ring -- the classic way to demonstrate ones love. Whichever style you choose, be careful to make sure you are buying gold metal not gold-tone.

Are You Buying Real Gold?

Telling the main difference between fake and authentic may be a little tricky but still, there is something that makes them differ. The easiest way to determine such is to look for the marking of karats. Sad to say, even fakes one are now sold with marking on them so this should not be your main indicator. Also look for the trademark of the manufacturer and check the competency of the retailer. Going for nationally acclaimed brand rather than something you see along the road will give you better chance of getting authentic one. Although there are some small local jewelers and pawnshops that are honest with their work, still it is better to be on safe side rather than regret your decision later on.

Things To Look For When Buying Gold Jewelry

Buyers should also exert their effort in finding if the gold jewelry has a return policy or money back guarantee. If they fail to give these options then do not ever think of buying anything from them since you would most likely find yourself submerged in deep mud later on. Some would learn the hard way; there are other people who would merely know the real state of their jewelry only after they experienced rashes on their skin. Try to also examine the price, if it's too cheap that most products then there are a big chance that it is not solid gold. It may be filled or plated.

Color Considerations

Though many people prefer white gold, if you are allergic to nickel, be careful. Often white gold contains nickel as part of the allow process. That said, the brightness of white gold (or platinum) does make stones such as diamonds appear to be larger than they are. This is a nice benefit. Still, color choice is a personal preference.

24K Gold Jewelry Is Too Soft

Moreover, a buyer should as well realize that not all gold jewelries are alike. If you would want to buy something which can outlast the daily wear and tear then opting for solid gold jewelry rather than coats pieces is a sensible mean to take since the coating of the later would peal off after some time thus causing allergic reaction. If in case you are looking for a ring which will be given as an engagement gift or wedding ring then going for solid pieces would assure you of its resiliency. But given that 24k is normally softer than any other kind, the wearer may always suffer from the scratches it gets though this should not be a problem at all because it can be fixed easily by polishing. Be reminded that the color of 24k gold jewelry is normally bright yellow. Moreover, bringing the person who will wear the jewelry to the shop is a good way to obtain the right fit and to better critic the value of the piece to obtain maximum benefit although there are some online stores that can both give the right fit and the value the buyer is looking for even without going to their place to shop.