How to Make Beaded Bracelets

Making beaded bracelets with memory wire is simple and fun. Discover how to create great gifts in minutes. There are so many style you can make you can match most peoples tastes easily.

What You Need For Making Bracelets

Here is a useful shopping list to have on hand for making beaded bracelets:


    • Round-nosed pliers
    • Memory wire cutters (or very strong wire cutters - nail clippers do NOT work)
    • Bead Board (optional, but helps if you want a specific design)
    • Beads (be sure hole is right size for headpin, most 4-8mm beads work)
    • Memory Wire
    • Memory Wire End (optional)
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Instructions for Making Memory Wire Bracelets

Decide How Big First

    Once you have all the tools and materials, you will want to decide approximately how big a bracelet you will want to make. This is so you don't need to string the bead along 50 turns of wire. Most people choose 2 to 3 full loops. Having an extra 2-3 inches extra is often wise. If you are using larger beads, the wire will stretch a bit. Also you will want to have room for closing the bracelet at the end.
Make a Loop At One End
    Start your bracelet off by making a loop at one end. It will be easiest if you make the loop in the same direction as the memory wire curl. Round nose pliers work really well for this. Small round nose pliers are best unless you have really big holes in your beads. You can choose to use a memory wire end crimp instead, if desired.
Add beads
    Simply string beads onto the wire. If you want a specific pattern, it can help if you design it on a bead board first.
Finish It Off
    To close repeat the same type of loop as the beginning. It sometimes feels harder as the beads may wiggle. This is okay. Just be patient an keep trying. In a few moments it will all be done and you will have a beautiful bracelet. Of course, you can use a crimp instead which will be faster and simpler.

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