How to Make Heart Jewelry

Depending on the look you want, making heart jewelry can be simple to an elaborate process. The simplest way is to simply buy a heart pendant and put it on a chain. This may sound trivial, but it is often cheaper to buy a gemstone heart pendant from somewhere like than to make something from scratch.

A more elaborate way would be to make a gold heart shaped gemstone wire wrapped pendant as shown in the video below. This will take more time but can be customized to look exactly what YOU want it to look like. It is beautiful and makes a statement. However, beware that it will take at least 35 minutes to make your first one. I assume it will take much less time once you get proficient at it. (However, if you skip the stone, it would be MUCH faster.)

Materials Needed for Making a Wire Wrapped Faceted Gemstone Heart Pendant

Here is a useful shopping list to prepare for making wire wrapped pendant:

Suggested Tools:

    • Round-nosed & flat nose pliers
    • Wire Cutters
    • Mandrel
    • Bail Making Pliers (has 2 Mandrels)
    • Chain nose pliers
    • Flush cutters
Recommended Materials:
    • 14 kt gold filled soft metal wire
    • 22 gauge 14 kt gold filled half hard square metal wire
    • 22 gauge 14 kt gold filled half hard round metal wire
    • Metal chain to hang pendant on
    • 14-15mm Faceted Round or heartshaped Gemstone Crystal
If you need more instruction, the training videos from Mike are very nice: Jewelry Making Videos.

Why Make Wire Wrapped Pendants

    • Good Conversation Pieces
    • Fun to Make
    • You Can Choose Your Own Design and "look"
    • Easy Once You Know The Techniques
    • Tools are Affordable and Safe
    • Can Make Jewelry In Your Own Home

Beginning a Home Jewelry Business

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