How to Make Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Learn how you can make a wire wrapped gemstone pendant. Wire wrapped jewelry is straight forward to make and can be a profitable business or hobby.

Shopping List for Making a Wire Wrapped Pendant

Here is a useful shopping list to prepare for making wire wrapped pendant:


    • Round-nosed pliers
    • Wire cutters
    • Gemstone Crystal
    • Soft silver metal wire
    • Metal chain to hang pendant on
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Next Steps In Your Wire Wrap Training:

If you you ar having issues with making loops, Wire Wrap Jewelry Tips explains techniques for making perfect loops every time. Lose less wire; save time.

If you are wanting to be a pro, you will want to try their Professional Wire Wrap Training Dvd Series. It doesn't include the tools or stones, but really helps you get a good start at a much lower price then the competition.

Advantages of Making Wire Wrapped Jewelry

    • Easy to Learn Wire Wrapping
    • Sells Well
    • Each Piece is Unique
    • Easy to Create Your Own Style
    • Tools are Inexpensive
    • Hard to Hurt Yourself Making Wire Wrapped Jewelry
    • Fun!

How To Start a Jewelry Business

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