Spider Jewelry

Spider jewelry can be fun, creepy, delightful and scarey. You can wear it to attact as you lay down your web, to create your own world and/or to celebrate Halloween. Let the webs flow around you and make your day.

Spider Jewelry:
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Sweet Spider Sayings and Quotes (to add to your gift)

  • You've got me caught in your web.
  • Congratulations to the newlywebs
  • Congratulations on your webbing and best wishes for a happy marriage.

  • "When spiders unite they can tie down a lion." -Ethiopian Proverb
  • "If you want to live and thrive, let the spider run alive." -American Quaker saying

  • The Chinese believe that a spider dangling from its web is good luck from heaven.
  • Ancient Romans carried spider charms to bring good luck in business.
  • Dreaming of a spider's web symbolizes the complexities of life or irrational fears.
  • Killing a spider brings bad luck.
  • In Native American tradition, Spider represents Grandmother, the link between past and future.
  • Stories of both King David and the prophet Mohammed tell how a spider's web saved them both from capture when enemies were pursing them. Their pursuers found the entrance to their hiding places covered with elaborate webs leading them to conclude that no one could have entered recently with such a web in place.
  • The spider's body is shaped like a figure eight, the symbol for infinity.


Gifts For Spider Lovers

  • Electronic Spider - add a spider by your door to scare all the other insects away. Give your guests a scare at parties.

  • Spider Web Socks - Fun knee high socks with a spider web design

Spider Jewelry * Spider Sayings (to add to your gift) * Other Gifts for Spider Lovers
Spider Poem and Jokes * Insect Jewelry * Animal Jewelry


Spider Poem


    Lady, you spread your web
    and caught me good
    So let me enter your life
    like you should. [Please?]


Spider Jokes

    Smiley What did the spider say to its mate?

      Your web or mine?