How to Make Bangle Bracelets

Making a gold wire wrapped gemstone bangle bracelet is wonderful fun. Anyone can do it! Additionally, wire wrapped jewelry can be an enjoyable, profitable hobby or home-based business. Simply watch and follow this great how to make a bangle bracelet video with step by step instructions!

What Is Needed For Making a Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet

Here is a useful shopping list to prepare for making a wire wrapped bangle bracelet:

Jewelry Tools:

    • Round-nosed pliers
    • Flat-nosed pliers
    • Wire cutters (Flush cutter)
    • Plastic nosed pliers
    • Bracelet Mandrel (or glasses the right size)
    • Ruler
    • Rectangle Gemstone Beads (or other shape)
    • Large Hole 4mm 14 Kt Gold Filled Balls (optional)
    • 24 gauge half hard round gold metal wire
    • 20 gauge half hard square gold metal wire
    • 18 gauge half hard round gold metal wire
    • 8mm gold figure 8 fitting (though can make one)
Jewelry Making Supplies and Tools.

Advantages of Making Wire Wrapped Jewelry

    • Fun to make wire wrap
    • Easy to sell
    • Unique jewelry
    • Simple to Create Your Own Style
    • Inexpensive to Start Business
    • Safe to Make Wire Wrapped Jewelry
    • Interesting

Starting a Jewelry Business

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