A New Way To Buy Gems!


Simply have a parcel mailed to you and get a look at the gems before you buy them!
Get a FREE Faceted Amethyst 8 x 10 mm oval or equivalent the first time you receive a parcel!
If you are looking for specific stones simply note them in our comments section. To receive your exclusive Jewelry Mall discount, keep the discount request in the comments section.

How it works:

Once you ask to look at a parcel of gems, I send it to you through the U.S. Mail, insured for full value. You have 3 days to look at it. At the end of that time you put a check in the box for any items that you have purchased, and send the remainder back to me insured for the full value. I have precious and semi-precious, faceted and cabachon gemstones; also easy to use gold and silver jewelry at wholesale prices. To have a parcel of gems sent for your 3 day inspection, including a FREE 8 x 10 mm faceted oval amethyst (or equivalent).

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Ask for our Catalog of Gold and Silver Mountings,
with your first parcel request.
You may also send your name, address, home phone, and work phone to:
Nathan Bertasz PO Box 81, Palestine, Texas 75802
Phone:1-903-727-0989 Toll Free: 1-888-300-0791

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