Brighten your day with Jokes, Poems and Quotes

Brighten your day at Jewelry Mall

Have fun everyday! Here are jokes, poems and inspirational quotes to make your day that much better. Also find jokes and poems on most Gemstone Jewelry and Animal Jewelry pages to add a bit of humor and fun to your gifts.

Why Jewelry Jokes?

Jokes can lighten up a present. Simply adding humor can help heal a relationship, open the heart, and add more fun. Sometimes, it is all that is needed to mend old wounds and help a relationship be closer.

Yes, some of the jokes are fairly silly. (I am sure you will groan at some of them!) Yet, most get people to laugh and to smile. If we can get an extra smile, everyday, we've shared our love of jewelry.

Who Heard of Gemstone Poems?

We added gemstone poems to help gifts have an extra personal touch, to let a little bit more love shine through, and to be a bit different. Gemstones are so beautiful we wanted a way to share their beauty with others.

How Do Inspirational Quotes Fit In?

Inspiration is what helped us create this site, helped you pick out a gift, and helps many people take the next steptowards their goals. Whether you are a jewelry lover, jewelry giver, and/or jewelry creator, a bit of inspiration can go a long way. So enjoy!

More Love and Inspiration

Sometimes you want something else extra to add to your gift as you already have used what you found here. Here is another place you may find that something exrta for uplifting your mood or your gift:

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