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Durable, hypoallergenic titanium has gained popularity for men and women alike. If you like sports and don't want to take off your jewelry, consider titanium as an option as it can endure a fair bit of abuse and still look new.

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Is This Just a Fad?

It seemed like yesterday when Mr. T had been a wrestling icon associated with men's jewelry, particularly with gold. Now the latest men's fashion pertains to Mr. T more as a tragedy than an icon. Although bling-blings have again circulated as part of rap and hip-hop fashion, the heavy necklaces and the ring in every finger are still considered an unforgivable style mishap. However, gold has always been an up-to-date and fashionable item and had been the most precious jewellery metal since the invention of accessories but prior to the discovery and use of platinum, which is not the most expensive type of metal today. But the unearthing of more metals such as tungsten and titanium has somehow overshadowed and competed with the current value and use of gold as a jewerly piece. This is especially true for men's jewelry fashion where simpler designs are received better by male customers than elaborate designs that appeal more to the lady buyer.

Makes Sense

Titanium is more accepted as a white gold alternative because of the fact that it has better value in terms of durability and lasting usability than silver or stainless steel. Although titanium has its good share of advantages it also carries with it some considerable disadvantages when compared to other precious metals. The following attempts to surmise the points that make titanium a better or a worst jewelry material choice.


It's ideal for men. Since most mens titanium jewelry are plain and less intricate in terms of design, the titanium is the most ideal material for a men's accessory. It also is very lightweight which more males find very convenient.

Allergy-Free Metal

Titanium is also 100% hypoallergenic. Great for those who have sensitive skin or men whose palms sweat a lot. This relates to the fact that titanium is also actually used as materials for medical equipment.


Titanium is a very hard metal. It is very durable and even stronger than gold. This makes the metal very hard to scratch and deform. Unlike silver, it doesn.t need much buffing and cleaning because is tarnish-free. Also, its color never changes because of its stability as a metal even when exposed to elements such as saltwater. To maintain its luster and color, it also doesn.t need re-dipping of rhodium unlike white gold.


Price of titanium is a lot less expensive than gold and pure silver. However, cost of labor in making jewelry out of titanium relatively increases its price. But unlike other metals, titanium has a characteristic that enables application of different bright colors to accentuate them.

Not an Investment Metal

However, there are some disadvantages in purchasing mens titanium jewelry. Titanium is not as precious in terms of market value as gold and its value is indeed very difficult to determine because its worth is not based on carats. Resale value is therefore dependent of its price per ounce currently pegged in the metal market.

No Resizing

Furthermore, since titanium has is a strong metal that is very hard to work with, its malleability may be deemed as a disadvantage as a mens titanium jewerly. Particularly, titanium rings cannot be resized and cannot be soldered to make prong setting for gems. Also, there are limitation in design and creation when using titanium compared to using gold that has a highly malleable feature.