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Pearl jewelry is just one of the most attractive and at the same time affordable jewelry in the market today. Along with a rich and interesting history and a shine that attracts many an eye, many women find pearls to be a must in their collection, which is why they turn to the leading producers of pearls and pearl jewelries to provide them with the best and high quality made pearl necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc. The most preferred pearl is the the akoya pearl.

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What Are Akoya Pearls?

Usually if you are going to buy jewelry in stores, many jewelers and experts in the business would encourage you to go for akoya pearl necklaces, akoya pearl earrings, and the rest because of the beauty, shine, and exquisite luster of the pearl itself. To be able to understand more why this is so, it would be best to go back even further, which is the akoya itself. Akoya pearls are bead-nucleated culture pearls that are produced by the Pinctada fucata martensii, also known as the akoya oyster. The word "cultured" is used because there is human intervention involved in the harvesting of the akoya pearls. They are known as .pearl farmers.. To begin the process, pearl farmers would insert a foreign organic object into the oyster, which will then be surrounded and layered with nacre. This substance is what produces the pearls we see in storefronts and jewelry displays today

What Makes These Pearls Special

Akoya oysters are primarily found in Japan and China, which is why these two countries are known to be the leading producers of akoya pearls in the world. The industry has grown and progressed tremendously and because of this, the competition between the two countries is consistently tight and fierce. Focusing more on the product, the akoya pearl is very famous for its various characteristics such as:

  • Various colors and shades
  • Some of the smallest pearls produced, ideally for jewelry
  • High quality luster and shine
  • Consistently round or near-round in shape, making them the ideal jewel for bracelets and akoya pearl necklaces
Most other pearls don't offer the same quality that Akoya pearls have.

Pearl Care

One thing you should know about these necklaces, as well as other pearl jewelry, is that they need to be maintained and taken well care of at all times. Though pearls are some of the sturdiest in the market, they can easily get damaged, scratched, and the pearls can degenerate when left out in the open, not cleaned, and stored irresponsibly. Here are some tips on how to take good care of your akoya pearl necklaces:

  • When cleaning your pearl jewelry, you need to have the right tools for the task. This includes a soft, lint-free cloth that won.t scratch the pearls, a water solution for cleaning, and a separate storage area for your jewelry. You wouldn't want your bracelets and rings to look dull, dirty, and full of scratches.
  • To ensure that the pearls won.t be damaged, wear your akoya pearl necklaces for example after you've applied make-up or sprayed perfume on yourself. You should also take them off before washing your hands and applying lotions or body creams.
  • When cleaning, wipe the pearls with the cloth as soon as you take them off. If you've come from a party or a special occasion, most likely you'd be tired and would forget to wipe your jewelry before heading to bed. The cloth used can either be dry or damp with the water solution. If opting for the latter, make sure that you allow the pearls to dry before storing them again. Lastly, make sure that the cloth isn't an abrasive one to avoid imminent scratches on the surface of the pearl.
  • The water solution can be a mixture of mild soap or Ivory flakes. Either way, it should at least not contain any ammonia or harmful detergents that could ruin the essence of the akoya pearls. If you think asking professional jewelers for their cleaning advice would be best, then you can visit any local nearby jeweler for possible suggestions for cleaning solutions.
  • When it comes to storing your pearls, never store them with other gemstones that may have metal or sharp edges on them. This could easily scratch your pearls, causing the overall appearance to become dull. You can always find a special and separate slot or jewelry box specifically for pearl jewelry like your akoya pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings, and the like. The box can be made from chamois or other kinds of non-abrasive materials.
  • Make sure that your akoya pearl necklaces are restrung every once in a while to make sure that the silk or nylon cord is still in good shape and is holding the pearls properly. If not, you can take them to a jeweler to have a new cord replace the old one.