Whether you want to wear a chain by itself or with a charm or pendant, chains are some of the most popular jewelry around. They can be individualized and customized to match ones personality.


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What Length of Chain to Buy?

Many times it is challenging to determine how long a chain to buy. If possible, you always want to measure. You take a string make it about the length you want the chain to be (making sure it isn't too loose or too tight) and then measure the string with a tape measure.

However, sometimes measuring is not possible. If this is the case, then first you want to decide if you want to buy a long chain or a short chain. Generally, shorter length chains look best with button down shirts, tank tops, halter tops and shirts with larger neck openings. Longer chains shine when wearing a turtleneck or higher neck blouse though some people wear these chains next to the skin anyways.

  • Short Chains: For women with small necks, a 16 inch length chain is great. If the women has a larger neck, then buying a 18 inch (or larger) necklace is recommended. For men, a 18 inch chain is usually the smallest one should even consider. However, most men are more comfortable with 20 or 21 inch chains.

  • Medium Chains: 24 inches is considered the "standard" size for a medium chain.

  • Longer Chains: If you want to fit it over the head without using a clasp 27 or 30 inch chains are recommended. For larger builds, you may wish to buy up to a 36 inch chain.

  • Waist Chains: Generally waist chains (or belly chains) are somewhat adjustable -- often ranging from 26 inches to 40 inches. You can extend these with a short bracelet chain is needed though you will need to match chain type and design if possible. Some belly chains can be worn with (or without) a belly ring.

Whatever type of chain you choose, have fun and enjoy. Add a pendant or beads if desired when the mood hits. Change styles when you are looking for something different.