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As known by these famous diamond quotations: "Diamonds are forever" and the popular quote of Marilyn Monroe "Diamonds are girl's best friend" -- diamonds are loved by many. A symbol of everlasting love, these stones are treasured and enjoyed around the world.

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Types of Diamond Pendant Necklaces

There are many types of beautiful diamond pendant necklaces. These are timeless and expensive collections. Pendants have vast array of designs, which can be single to intricate and elaborate motifs, ranging from an abstract geometric figures, starts, crowns, butterflies, letters, shows, sandals, heart, spirals, twists, pinwheels and more. Among these designs, the most prevalent are: diamond solitaire pendants, heart-shaped pendants, circle of life pendants and journey pendants.

Diamond pendant necklaces can be also accentuated with colored diamond stones. Usually more expensive than white diamonds, the colored diamonds are oftentimes paired off with colorless diamonds to create a startling contrasts. Its settings can be channels, typically prongs, bezels or pave.

How To Buy A Diamond

In buying a diamond pendant necklace, you should consider the four Cs -- clarity, cut, carat weight and color. Diamonds are categorized and graded based on these four characteristics. Sometimes people confuse the diamond "cut" and "shape". Shape means the outward appearance of the stone while cut refers to the diamond's reflective qualities. Considered as one of the most important characteristic, a cut defines the quality of the diamond as it affects the properties and values. Diamond with a perfect cut will sparkle more.

The clearer the diamond, the more brilliant and the higher price it is. Clarity is distinguished by visibility, size and number. The color of the diamond means the presence of the absence of the white color in the stone. A colorless diamond will absorb more light to pass it through hence it reflects more spark.

The carat weigh is the measurement of the diamond. The price of the diamond is greatly proportional to the size of the stone.

Care Tips

Practing proper care of your diamond helps it maintain its brilliance.

Remember to always remove your jewelries before going to bed. It is highly recommended not to wear your precious stoned jewelry when doing any manual work such as cleaning and gardening. This will avoid a chemical contact to the stone and potential loosening of the stone setting. Many soap chemicals cause diamonds to look dull. It is therefore necessary to take off your stoned pendants before taking shower or swimming.

To maintain the fiery brilliance of your diamond pendant necklace, there are few simple steps to clean stoned jewelry pieces.

The easier and safest way is to clean your pendant with a soft bristles toothbrush in running water. If your diamond jewelry only has diamonds (and not other gemstones), another simple way of cleaning your jewelry is a cold water soak made of half cold water and household ammonia. Soak the pieces for at least half an hour and dry it gently tissue paper.

It is also important to avoid your diamond pendant necklace to get contact in harsh chemicals such as perfumes and hairspray. Make sure not to put on your pendant unless your make-up is done.

A well cared for diamond pendant necklace can last centuries. It can be a priceless heirloom for the next generation. As it is an expensive piece, use extra care and caution to preserve its brilliance and quality.