Gold Chains

For some who are not so familiar with the different types of jewelries, gold chains are a great way to start. Thin gold chains are delicate and often hold a small pendant. Gold rope chains are thicker and are one of the most common unisex jewelries. That is, both men and women can wear gold rope chains without altering their size or the width. That said, men tend to prefer heavier gold chains.

Gold Chains:

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Determining What Type of Gold Chain to Buy

There are many styles of gold chains. Some popular types are:

  • Box - these have a box design. Each link looks like a box. Generally, a very thin chain. They are often used for holding pendants.
  • Cable - this looks like a standard chain. Each link is a round oval linking to the next link. Tends to be very flexible.
  • Figaro - this chain looks like it has a design as it alternates between several round links (usually 3) and a long oval link.
  • Omega - a flat wide chain with rounded plates. Often one will add a slide to an omega chain. This chains tend to look the most expensive as one sees more of the gold.
  • Rope - two strands woven together to look like a rope. These may come as white, a yellow, or a two tone gold chain.
  • Snake - often thought of as a flexible tube made of wavy rings.


The more complex pattern the links of your gold chain form, from simple weaves to snake chains and Figaro style inset links, the more important that the gold alloy be durable.

Fine gold, otherwise known as 24 karat gold is very soft and deforms readily. It is only suitable for items that will be treated delicately. It also has a slightly reddish color. 18Kt (75% gold) is generally the softest gold made into a gold chain. Unless you really want 18Kt gold, we recommend 14K (58.5% gold) as it is much more durable and tends to have a brighter, more golden color.

Ways to Wear

You can also experiment with your gold rope chain, as mentioned earlier you can add a pendant to it. For the pendant, this comes in various sizes, shapes and design. You have the choice to pick up the pendant that you feel reflects your personality. For those who would like to have a touch of tribal, you can select silver or gold-like tribal pendant and have it adorn your gold rope chain.

More Ways to Wear

If you are really adventurous, you can buy a gold rope chain that can be used as a bracelet for your wristwatch. As you can see there are many things that you can do with your gold rope chain, all you need is just a touch of imagination. Mix and match and it would appear like you have new jewelry all the time. What makes it even more interesting is that mixing and matching is just not limited to the jewelry it can include the clothes you wear. In other words, you can even make a fashion statement with the typical gold rope chain!

Finally, a gold rope chain is an amazing piece of jewelry. It can be wide and bold enough to produce a flashy effect or it can be slim and subtle just to accentuate your appearance.