Gold Necklaces

Wearing beautiful gold necklaces has been a symbol of beauty and status since at least 2500 BC. They look gorgeous and are a treasured special gift. Often gold necklaces are worn with gemstones for that extra special look.

Gold Necklaces:

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Simple Ways to Dress It Up

A nice gold necklace can make even jeans seem dressier. You go from being really casual to having a dressier look. Add a blazer and a gold necklace and you can be off to a nice restuarant for dinner. The flexibility of this type of gold jewelry is wonderful - which is why they are so popular.

Why Use Gold?

Gold looks beautifully rich, is a metal that tends to retain its value, and is relatively easy to change shape. One can make wonderfully ornate pieces that would be impossible to make with a harder metal. Gold is less expensive than platinum but more expensive than sterling silver.

How To Choose

Gold necklaces impress. If you are wanting the best, designer gold and diamond necklaces are the very best. These pieces of jewelry are those which were carefully and exquisitely created by the gifted hands of craftsmen. Aside from the impressive design and details, these golden necklaces are further enhanced by the precious and priceless stone that comes with it.

In selecting any gold necklaces, there are certain factors that must be considered:

  • What's their style? - The general rule is that people love both gold and diamonds. The specific rule is that not all people have the same taste when it comes to pieces of jewelry. Some may like to keep it clean and simple but others may want it all loud and flashy. Determine their taste in jewelry first before doing the selection. Otherwise, you might end up buying something they dislike and wasting a load of cash.
  • What's your budget? - Consider the fact that the gift you're about to purchase is a lot more expensive that the usual chocolates and flowers that you buy for her/him. Take note that this is no ordinary piece of jewelry. If you decide to buy a designer necklace, it usually has exquisite orkmanship. If you add diamonds, it bears one priceless rock that is known to impress. Set a budget before shopping to avoid the inconvenience of shortage or overspending.
  • Desired features - Take a close look on the details of the necklace as well as the pendant. You should notice how intricately it was crafted if you see that even the smallest details are can be clearly seen. Also, if you are including a gemstone, take a look the gem and remember to examine: the cut, the color and the clarity. Focus not only on the details but also on the over all look of the necklace.
  • What to do before finalizing the purchase - If you've finally picked the right gold necklace, check the necklace for hidden damages or defects. Do this by looking for folds, breakages or any similar sign of imperfection in the chain as well as the pendant.
Careful selection and planning is important when it comes to shopping for necklaces. Remember to be prudent in making the decision and the purchase.