Journey of Love Necklaces

"Journey of Love" necklaces represent the fact that love and life always get better ... and here is a physical reminder of how much you are loved. Often journey jewelry is used to demonstrate that one's love for their partner is always increasing and that it will always get better and better. The can be thought of a as diamond love necklace.

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The stones in a journey of love necklace go from small to large. This symbolizes how love grows and strenghtens as time goes on. Traditionally, a small stone is by the neck followed by larger stones towards the heart. The love is growing and becoming stronger with time.

Journey of love necklaces and pendants are usually made of diamonds as they mean forever. I will love you always -- and my love for you grows more through time. You could give a pendant of love with a card saying, "I love you more each moment". It's a way of expressing the truth of ones love in a way that is easy to understand.

Some people are given journey of love necklaces for graduation as a statement that life gets better from here. It is a wonderful gift for one embrassing new facets of life as a symbol of support, joy and love.

Other variants of this pendant is a diamond journey of love ladder pendant. Instead of showing the winding road of life, it has one follow the straight path of love. Alternately, a heart or circle can be made with this theme. All versions are extremely romantic and will open ones heart when given with love.