Men's Gold Chains

In the beginning, men and women wore jewelries. Although not every one can afford to buy jewelries because most of these are expensive nevertheless jewelry has become a symbol of social standing and wealth. Usually a jewel is crafted from the most precious of metals and stones. Being made of precious materials, jewelry is not only a social symbol but has been used in the most important occasions and rituals. Overtime jewelry became more associated with women. That is changing so that both men and women can easily wear jewelry.

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Freedom to Wear Gold Chains

Since our world is ever changing, the trend for jewelry has changed as well. If before men find it uncomfortable to be wearing certain pieces of jewelries, with the exception of rings and watches, today they need not fear of being ostracized or judged. Men, just like in the olden days, can now freely choose the jewelry that they desire. With the onset of this freedom, different men.s jewelry emerged in the market. According to many, rings are still at the top of the jewelry chain. Perhaps so, but the men.s gold chain is consistently gaining attention. More and more men are choosing gold chains as their favored jewelry.


The beauty of men's gold chain is that it can be a single tone or two tones. Furthermore, some gold chains can have a lighter shade of yellow, white or a rose-like tone. However, understand though that rarely is there a gold chain which is a pure 24-karat. By nature, gold is malleable hence it is easily molded. A 24 karat gold is too soft for everyday wear. It will not take long before it bends. Wise jewelry artisans mix the gold with another metal for durability. Thus, an 18 karat men's gold chain is made up of 75% pure gold and the remaining 25% is a mixture of alloy.


When it comes to the tone or color of a jewel, the metallic alloys play an important role. For a white tone, gold is mixed with nickel or palladium. The color of gold mixed with nickel is slight yellowish but still dominantly white - while gold mixed with palladium tends to be grayish in color. If you are wondering which is the better white gold, just take note that some people prefer white gold with the palladium alloy due to the allergic reactions they may have for gold mixed with nickel. For the rose-colored gold, a mixture of copper alloy is required. On one hand, mixing the gold with silver retains much of the yellow color. So when it comes to men.s gold chain, you have all the freedom to choose the tone that you like.


Lastly, just like with any piece of jewelry you would want it to retain its shine or brilliance. If you have a cleaning routine and consistently avoid exposing your jewelry to substances that can damage it then you have a good chance to keep your jewels shining.