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If you are looking for eye catching jewelry, it is hard to find something less intriguing than opal necklaces. Whether you choose bright a orange fire opal necklace, a blue opal pendant or a mysterious black opal necklace, you will be sure to delight.

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Choosing Opal Jewelry

When picking the right opal necklace, there are important points to remember and make sure we are getting our money's worth. Some of these are its base color and translucence, pattern and intensity.

Qualities of Color

An opal's base color or translucence determines its price. The more translucent, the least expensive: meaning black opals cost the highest. If you want a striking opal pendant, you should opt to buy stones with darker hues. The second factor is the pattern, which is important in fire opals. Multi-colored pendants are averagely-priced, while the rarest colors are purple and magenta. The fire pattern is also the basis for the cost of the pendant. The larger the streaks of fire are, the more valuable the stone becomes.

Stable Stone

The stability of an opal is also very significant, meaning it shouldn't crack or craze easily. Crazing simply means the shattering of glass that makes up the opal. Cracking and crazing should always be considered because dropping the opal pendant may happen and it is difficult to prevent accidents.

Triplets are another variant of opals. The thicker the cut of the gem is, the more valuable it becomes.


The beauty of opals makes it easy for jewelers to come up with innovative designs of opal pendants. For instance, they change the backing of opals to make them more appealing to gemstone-lovers. Examples of these are doublets, triplets, overlay, mosaics, and intarsia. In simple terms, these are opals mixed with different materials. Triplets are opals that are sandwiched between quartz and a backing. Doublets, on the other hand, are glued to jade or glass. Overlays are doublets that use boulder opals as base materials. Mosaics are composed of many different kinds of opals put together. Intarsia is a more complex form of mosaic, wherein various materials like lapis are used.

Opal Deals

The key to selecting the perfect opal necklace for you is to search for materials and prices to get the best deals. They should be carefully selected to make sure you get the most out of the precious gemstone. Remember that you are investing on a treasure that might last a lifetime, and not just an accessory you can throw away and replace anytime you want. This is why some people even travel to Australia, Brazil, Mexico and other countries that produce huge amounts of opal.

Synthetic Opal

Opals are softer compared to other gemstones too. They are physically weaker compared to diamonds. Due to the popularity though, a lot of people opt to buy synthetic opal gemstones. A major drawback when doing this is that ones found in nature have their own characteristics - at least in the past, natural opal sparkled more. Additionally, it may lose any possible healing properties and may not last for a long period of time. Buying synthetic opals is only advisable for people who don't plan to treat the stone as in investment, rather just a simple accessory.