Pearl Necklaces

Pearls are a classic piece of jewelry. Looked at for decades as one of the most eloquent types of jewelry, the right pearl necklaces can truly make any individual shine. There are so many different types, colors, and sizes of pearls that any individual truly can find the necklace unique to them.

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Types Of Pearl Necklaces

Natural pearls are considered very rare. They are formed when an intrusion some how finds its way into a mollusk's shell and continuous layers grow around the particle. These layers are somewhat similar to onion skins and can cause the pearl to take an interesting shape depending on the original shape of the particle. Many of the natural pearl necklaces sold today are actually made from vintage pearls. Necklaces made from natural pearls are usually the most expensive, as natural pearls are sold by carat weight.

Cultured pearls grow in a manner very similar to natural pearls. The difference between cultured pearls and natural pearls, as far as the growth process, is that with cultured pearls the intrusion is placed in the mollusk by man and is not naturally occurring. A necklace made from cultured pearls will be of higher quality and more durable if the layers of nacre on the pearl are thick.

There are many types of pearls that can be classified as either natural or cultured. Saltwater pearls, freshwater pearls, Akoya pearl, and Mikimoto pearl are all different types of beautiful pearls. In addition to those pearls there are also Keshi pearls. Keshi pearls are actually a pearl byproduct of a cultured pearl. They are formed when extra debris enters a mollusk during the harvesting process.

Retaining The Beauty Of Pearl Necklaces

Pearls are very beautiful but even those with the thickest layers of nacre are not very durable. When cleaning pearl necklaces an individual should never use and abrasive cleaning substance on them. Any abrasive substance can wear off the nacre coating and leave a very plain looking pearl. Instead of normal jewelry cleaners, try plain soap and water. A soft damp cloth may also be used. Allow the pearl necklace to air dry before storing it.

Pearl necklaces should never be stored with the individuals other jewelry. Substances such as metals or other gems can easily scratch any pearl. Try storing pearl necklaces on their own in a soft bag made from a substance similar to chamois. Remember to have pearl necklaces restrung periodically. This is because the nylon or silk cord holding the pearls can easily wear down.

A pearl necklace is a great item of jewelry. It is a staple of culture and beauty. With so many options for a beautiful pearl necklace any individual can be sure to find the right option.