Nothing makes a necklace or chain as versatile to wear as the use of a pendant, which can be worn when the occasion allows. These pendants, also called slides, offer versatile fashion jewelry -- or fine jewelry -- that can be combined with different necklaces, chains and chokers to create a variety of looks.


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Pendant Designs

Hundreds of pendant designs exist -- from elegant and dainty, to uniquely bold. Like charms, a pendant is a highly personal piece of jewelry. Pendants are used to recognize hobbies, occupations, religion, pets, foods, travel, organizations and other pastimes held dear to your heart. Most of these are sold as inexpensive fashion jewelry, but some are created with precious metals and genuine gemstones to be sold as fine jewelry.

Generally, pendants are held on the chain by what jewelers call a "slide," which just as it says, allows the pendant to slide along the chain as it is not fixed to the chain permanently.

What Kind of Necklace?

Necklaces are great for both men and women. Most men prefer thick chunky chains when they do wear necklaces. Though some men do not wear pendants, those who want to look like those rap stars, getting a huge pendant encrusted with stones is a must. Other men opt for cord necklaces with dog tags or titanium pendants. For girls, finer chains are common; girls have a lot of choices when it comes to pendant designs. In the recent years, necklaces have gained popularity because it can easily spruce up an otherwise plain outfit. Also, necklaces are now made of other materials like semiprecious stones and plastic, among many others.