Platinum Chains

Chains are found to be one of the essentials when it comes to having a jewelry collection. After all, how can an intricately designed pendant be aesthetically appreciated if there is no chain used to hang it? How can a bare neck, arm or ankle be emphasized if there is no chain available? Platinum chains are pure elgeance to bring attention where you want it.

Platinum Chains:

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Considerations When Purchasing a Chain

Chains come in different styles, length and composition. When it comes to styles, chains are endless. They range from the link chains, mesh chains, rope chains, cable chains and snake chains. The list is endless. As long as the imagination of the craftsman is alive, the list can go on and on.

Length is also important in chains. It is classified depending on its use. Chains used as necklaces are longer as it is used around the neck. Bracelets and anklets are shorter than necklaces as they are only used on areas which have a short circumference such as the arm and the ankle.

Three Metal Types

The important part that needs thorough discussion is with regard to the composition of the chain. Mainly, there are three metals used in chains: silver, gold and platinum.

* Silver is the most common of the three. It is malleable and has a white and lustrous appearance. It's price is not as hefty as the two but it is a nice choice for jewelry. The only worry here is that silver deteriorates easily and might not last that long. The shine fades and the form is eventually lost.

* Gold was once a common metal used in making chains. It has a yellowish appearance and its malleability is dependent on how high the carat is. The higher the carat is, the more malleable. The price is likewise dependent on the carat. It is expensive up to this day but the emergence of the third metal made gold lost it market luster.

* Platinum is the metal that made gold less popular in the jewelry industry today. Due to its hardness, it can withstand more than the occasional wear and tear - making platinum jewelry last longer than many other types of metal jewelry. It has a longer lasting and better luster than silver. Hence, when it comes to quality and appeal, platinum chains are considered the best.

Enjoy Platinum Quality

Platinum chain necklaces are very flexible when it comes to use. Although they are generally expensive as compared to gold or silver chains, platinum chains can be worn in any occasion. It is unlike the silver chains that are commonly worn on casual events and gold chains which are worn only on formal occasions. Add a diamond or two and be glamorous!

When it comes to its lifespan, platinum chains do not damage easily. Its hard quality can resist possible breakages and dents. In addition, the shine of platinum chains is not lost as quick as silver chains. If you have a nickel allergy, platinum chains are made nickel-free. Fine platinum chains are often an indispensable accessory in a person's jewelry box.