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Lifestyles have evolved from the show-off luxury of the 1990s to the status-free new millennium that has brought Platinum to the forefront in jewelry design. Luxury has never been more "in," but not "in your face."

Platinum Necklaces:

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Platinum comes into play when women want their jewelry to have noticeably timeless quality and value, instead of a glitzy, less serious look. Alone, or paired with matching earrings and bracelets, a versatile platinum necklace, for instance, will enhance any style of outfit any and every day.

Popular platinum necklaces are available in classic link and chain styles or more lacy Victorian pieces of platinum filigree. The finish can be of matte or polished textures, both of which are nearly completely hypoallergenic.

Traditionally all-white platinum should also be considered a long-lasting option that is open to color as well. Paired with colorful gemstone accents, or even yellow or rose gold, platinum takes on a new future. Platinum chains are also ideal for pendants of pearl or diamond.

The highest quality platinum will be marked 950plat to mean 95% platinum. As platinum is displayed in measurements of 1/1000 it is very easy to tell how much platinum is in a piece of jewelry.