Silver Chains

Silver chains are commonly used to enliven up a dull outfit. Just add a suitable and interesting pendant and its nice and shiny will do the magic on its own.


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Great for Hip Hop Jewelry

Silver chains became popular as they were worn mostly by teenagers, young adults and even adults who were inclined in a specific subculture. For example, teenagers who are into the hip hop scene use heavy silver chains as part of their over-all packaging. It is normally added with a generous serving of gems such as (fake) diamonds to make the silver chain all flashy. The heavy silver chain plus the large and flashy pendant was later on referred to as the bling bling.

Enjoy The Gothic Look

Another example is the people who are followers of the gothic subculture. They are also users silver chains. This time, it is used in contrast with their black clothes. Unlike the hip-hop subculture, the gothic subculture does not make use of flashy accessories and great number of gems. They use silver chains in simple designs such as crosses and spikes.

Classic Chains for All

Not only are the people engaged in subculture lovers of silver chains. Even young and romantic lovers form part of the sterling silver chain craze. It is because sterling silver chains are the most affordable yet elegant choice when it comes to chains. Also, it is a trend started by the young adults as gold appears too advanced for their age (as well as to their allowances).

Special Care

Indeed, silver chains are now a universal language spoken in the jewelry industry. However, most people waste a nice sterling silver chain -- all because they failed to observe proper silver storage. To retain the quality and appearance of silver chains, here are three important guidelines that must be followed.

  • Do not wear your chains all the time
    Some people sleep on their silver chains. Others even take a bath with it. Do not do this as this might cause breakage, deformation and corrosion of the chain.

  • Store them in a dry and air tight place
    Oxygen causes oxidation which in turn makes your silver oxidize and tarnish. Avoid this by storing them in a sealed container away from the sun and from air. Also, do not store the silver chain together with other pieces of jewelry or items which may possible have a chemical reaction with it.

  • Clean them regularly
    If the silver chain tarnishes or turns black, bring back its former luster by cleaning it with a soft cotton cloth. Buff them gently until the tarnish is gone. If other silver cleaning agents are available, using one might be a good option too.

Keep the silver chain in good condition to prolong its use. Silver chains will still be included in the jewelry list for years to come. It is because it is expected that its affordability and availability will make it permanent resident in the industry. People will definitely not run out of ideas on how to make silver fit on the trends and subcultures of the future.