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Great style has always been found in silver jewelry, and necklaces are no exception. For regal or romantic reasons, showing your style with silver has been practiced though the centuries.

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Different types of Silver Jewelry

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Many of today's popular charms and pendants are made of silver, adding to the demand for quality silver necklaces. Before you go out to purchase one, knowing the various alloys of this metal is extremely helpful.

Types of Silver Alloys Used in Jewelry

Pure silver are too soft thus it should be added with other metals like copper for example in order to outlast daily wear and tear. Silver metal is usually mined from countries such as Mexico, Australia and Peru which are the biggest producers of silver in the entire world. It is available in different types which include the following:

  • Sterling Silver - this is the most common kind which is often used on ornaments, jewelry, and dinnerware today. This is has a very large silver content since it is a combination of 92.5% pure silver as well as 7.5% of metal alloy and is hallmarked as "925",

  • Fine Silver - This is extremely soft given that it is made of 99.9 percent of pure silver and it is harder to find and more expensive than sterling silver.

  • Silver Plating - When buying jewelry simply marked "silver", you will often get silver plated jewelry. The unknowledgeable buyer who doesn't verify if a piece of jewelry is actually sterling, will often find that their piece is plated. Sometimes, silver plating is also known as silver coated or electroplated silver. They are manufactured through the use of base metal which is in general a brass or a nickel that would pass on electroplating process. Such process refers to the putting an extremely thin layer of pure silver at the top of the base metal which tenders the result similar to a sterling silver though it is available in much cheaper price. And although it may look similar to sterling silver, the plating will eventually wear off after some period of time.

  • Alpaca Silver or German Silver - Do not gets fooled with the term "silver" since it is not silver at all! This one is a grayish looking alloy that looks like silver. Some would call it as paktong, nickel silver, and new silver which is often used as a base for various silver plated items given that it actually resembles the look of real silver.

  • Mexican Silver - Is the kind of silver which is employed in order to refer for that silver made in Mexico. Keep in mind that the ornament should be at least 90% pure silver content in order to be considered as Mexican silver.

  • Britannia Silver - It contains 95.85% of pure silver and an estimate of 4.16% copper. This one is tagged in places like Ireland and U.K. as "958 silver" which contain a higher value compared to most other types.

There are other terms to be familiar with but the above-mentioned are the most common kinds for you to be guided which would best fit your taste, budget and lifestyle.