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As the name implies, Tanzanite is a precious gemstone that was discovered in Tanzania during 1967 by the Massai people. After which, tanzanite was hauled to the Western World by the famous brand of Tiffany and Co. who was responsible for its name.

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Tanzanite comes in wide array of kinds; from rings, necklaces, earrings, and pendants because of its uniquely dazzling colors. It is popular for its rare ability of being able to flash different colors like red, blue, and even green. The darker the color that it gives then the more valuable it is. Of course, lighter colors are still beautiful though they are less valuable.

Judging Quality

Now, the tanzanite pendants are also making a scene in the world of jewelries and they are available in wide range of options that are sure to match the tastes and preferences of every user. Because of its ability of being able to be cut into different shapes, it makes the perfect pendant while at the same time never failing to show off its amazing colorful looks. In buying tanzanite pendants however, you must be able to consider the 4 C's which are the Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat Weight.

Color First

Above anything else, the color is one of the most important considerations that one should mull over when choosing for tanzanite pendants. But in fact, this may be hard to discern specially when shopping over the internet hence it is sensible enough to buy these pendants when you are face to face with the seller.


Clarity is the second most important consideration among the 4 C's. This aspect simply means how inclusion free the tanzanite is. The GIA system is the most documented system in properly labeling the clarity of the pendant. The rule of the thumb is that it should be eye-clean or if possible loupe-clean.


This gemstone exists even at 100+ carat range although this kind is extremely rare to find. Most of the time, they are available in 1-10 carat range. The weight will of course affect the price since the weight augments the stones.


The last and somewhat the very least consideration is the cut of the stone. It is normal to see tanzanite pendants in wide range of shapes and styles. Cushions and ovals rank as the most famous although round ones are also available.


Overall, care must be rendered to tanzanite pendants since they are not the strongest gemstone that you may find. In fact, it only ranks 6.5 on the Moh's scale of hardness hence it is simply dented much more than stones like sapphire, aquamarine, and diamond. When cleaning, practice special care and never ever try to use harsh cleaners that might only spoil your precious gems. Also, tanzanite must never be exposed to water at all times as much as possible. Even leaving your pendant in a place that is exposed to the sun might cause the color to fade. Practice these advices and you are assured to lengthen the lifespan of your tanzanite pendants.