Belly Chains

Peaople love to be fashionable. It flows from one person to another by seeing each other, through magazines, television stars and movies stars. The fashion of wearing body jewelry is becoming quite popular among the young adults of these days. Especially the belly rings, belly chains, and other related accessories are in high demand.

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History of Belly Chains

Originally worn by belly dancers, belly chains are fun additions to anyones jewelry collection. A belly chain can be also referred to as a waist chain. Though it has become a popular item of jewelry amongst most young people it is made for men, women, and dancers of all ages. Belly chains can be worn over some outfits too.

Waist Chain Sizes and Styles

They are available in various sizes. Some pieces are made to be quite adjustable, ranging from 20 to 40 inches. Single line elegant belly chain is available in sterling silver with buckles to adjust to various waist sizes. Solid gold chains are also available, but because this precious metal is fairly soft they are not worn long. For your own perfect fit, you're going to need a tape measure.

Waist Chain Designs

A waist chain can be polished beads, crystals or semi-precious stones. Belly chains with beads are grouped together with wide variety of beads. Some belly chains come with dangling pendants.

Waist chains have often been heavier in design, usually featuring metal discs and coins designed to jingle at times with the music for belly dancers. Modern styles have changed, and now array of belly chain designs are worn with many fashions that show a bare midriff. They look best when they ride just above your hip bones.

How to Wear A Belly Chain

Belly chains have become one of the hottest swimwear accessories in the last few seasons. What better way to get going with your swimsuit then with a glamorous chain around your waist!

There are generally two types of belly chains:

  1. Belly chains attach to a navel piercing; these are also called "pierced belly chains"
  2. Ones that can be worn without having a belly button piercing
Whether pierced or not, a belly chain is for anyone who likes being stylish and eye catching.