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Jewelry Mall Press Releases

December 14, 1998 - Finding Last Minute Gifts is Easy on the Internet

March 1, 1999 - Jewelry Mall Receives Prestigious Recognition

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What People Are Saying About Jewelry Mall

Here is an excerpt from iJeweler's Top 25 Jewelry Industry Websites.

    "Mall Site Offers Great Information and Lots of Online Store Choices"
    A Jewelry Mall

    A Jewelry Mall is an excellent, unpretentious service-oriented site, which combines the features of an Internet shopping mall with those of an infosite focusing on jewelry. The contents of this website go far beyond what is needed to simply help some stores sell some jewelry on the Internet. It is simple yet effective, quite user-friendly, and offers a wealth of jewelry and gem info, as well as hundreds of links to online jewelry stores. It even has a unique section called "Brighten Your Day", which features jewelry jokes, poems, and "inspirational quotes" (Example: "How do you make gold soup? ... You start with fourteen carats.")

    Another nice feature: To aid shoppers in choosing stores that are appropriate for their needs, the stores are divided up according to the price range of the jewelry they sell, and the site lists many stores in each of these categories: Under $50, $50-125, $125-600, $600-1,250, and Over $1,250. Stores that are sponsors for the website get listed first, and those that provide secure ordering, gift wrapping, or overnight delivery have a colored logo next to their link which says so. You can search for jewelry by gemstone, by birthstone, by jewelry type (i.e. bracelet), by metal type, and even by type of animal (i.e. horse or dolphin jewelry)!

    In terms of information, there's a great selection of pages on jewelry care and buying tips, diamond buying info, gemstone and jewelry lore, and even gemstone therapy. And if you can't find info you want on their site, you can go to their page of jewelry-related links to access a large collection of top industry infosites.

    In addition, the site is fast and easy to use, and the website managers have included ways to write to them or to list new jewelry-related links on the site, for free. In exchange, they require that every participating jewelry site puts a link to A Jewelry Mall on its website - which seems fair enough. Overall, this site provides a very good service for both jewelry businesses and online consumers. It represents another 'new brand', if you will, emerging as an interesting approach to helping consumers find jewelry online.

Here is a comment from a Jewelry Vendor:

    'A Jewelry Mall' has been very responsive to our needs, providing assistance in several areas of expertise. They maintain a quality site with excellent rankings in many search engines which means more traffic to client sites without having to play the never-ending rankings game. Overall, an A+ for Jewelry Mall.

    Hugh & Carolyn (Inet Jewelry)

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Jewelry Mall History

Jewelry Mall was started in 1995 when the founder, Lorraine Venner, got frustrated trying to find jewelry on the Internet. Lorraine announced, "There's got to be a better way." Hence, the concept of Jewelry Mall was born.

Jewelry Mall's mission is to provide people with all the information you need about gemstones and jewelry in the easiest way possible, to assist you in your gemstone and jewelry shopping, and to enable you to create personalized gifts with auxiliary supporting information, related items and fun anecdotes.

Jewelry Mall features stores by price category marked with secure ordering, gift wrap, and overnight delivery (when appropriate). Category searches and keyword searches have been consistently improved to help you find the perfect jewelry gift.

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