3 Stone Rings

Beautiful diamond and sapphire 3 stone rings make wonderful wedding or anniversary rings. If you really want to make her jaw drop give her a 3 stone diamond engagement ring.

Introduced in the late 1990s, by DeBeers Diamonds, three stone rings represent one's commitment to the past, present, and future of one's love. What's better way to say "I Love You" than with a wedding or engagement ring that represents all time, not just now?

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One can purchase a 3 stone ring with either three diamonds, one diamond and two gemstones (such as rubies or sapphires) or all gemstones. One of the rarest colors to find in a diamond, in natural form anyway, is pink. A pink diamond three stone ring would be an extraordinary gift (and very expensive.)

The metal in the band can be silver, gold, or platinum. Platinum or 18k gold three stone rings are the most common. Then there are a quite a lot of ring styles to consider. You can either buy your 3 stone ring off the shelf or you can pick the setting and gems separately and make a custom three gem ring.

If you're looking for something unique consider a designer three stone ring. A good designer, while more expensive than buying off the shelf, will give you a unique ring in a traditional, contemporary, or other style. Contemporary three stone rings tend to have the gems set in the metal. More traditional 3 stone diamond rings will have the gems raised and set in three to five prongs.

Also Consider the cuts of the gems in your ring, as well as gem clarity, color, and carat (weight.) Slightly larger gems with a decent cut can get away with a little less in color or clarity. A three stone ring will have one look when made with round diamonds, and a completely different look when made with princess or asscher cut gems.

A good choice in a three stone wedding ring might be a larger center gem, say a ruby or sapphire, with two small, but high quality, diamonds on either side. How about a heart shaped ruby as the center stone with round diamonds on either side? Perhaps a marquis cut diamond in the center of the three stones and blue sapphires to either side?

The ring setting counts, too. Do you want your 3 stone ring to be in a channel setting (which protects the gems) or in a raised setting (more traditional and the gems are more visible?)

There are some things to be careful of when purchasing a three stone ring. They're the same thing you would look for in a single stone ring, but now you have three stones to look at:

  • Be certain the stones are well matched, whether they are all diamonds or mixed gems.
  • Make sure the setting is well built and holds all the gems solidly. Channel rings hold the gems more securely, prongs display the gems better.
  • Look for a perfectly smooth finish on the ring and whether it has the manufacturer's or designer's name etched into the metal.

Lastly, look for the dazzling smile on your partner's face when you present her with a designer 3 stone ring.

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