Anniversary Rings

Celebrating your wedding anniversary with a ring is a a wonderful way to express your love. Whether it is for your first wedding anniversary or your 50th, it is sure to be a gift that is loved and enjoyed.

When thinking about an anniversary ring, one usually asks "what kind of stone" and "how many stones"? Though an anniversary can have as many stones as desired, common choices are one, three or many stones. One stone represents love. Three stones symbolize the past, present and the future commitment to one's relationship and the love it includes. Many stones may either be the number of years you have been married or simply a symbol of many years of love.

Anniversary Rings:

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Tips on Choosing A Wedding Anniversary Ring

When choosing a stone, diamond is the usually at least one of the stones included as it represents stability and lasting love. However, one can always choose to have a ring made of your Anniversary Gemstone. These are romantic stones for almost every year of your marriage. Other common stones are ruby (for love), pearl (for beauty) or emerald (for growth). Asking your beloved what type of stone is encouraged. You can choose the ring together.

Usually diamond anniversary bands are made of 14kt gold, 18 karat gold or platinum. One can get titanium for durability, but as it can not be resized, it is not commonly recommended. Sterling silver can be used as well (especially for the 25th anniversary), but since it has a tendancy to tarnish, white gold is more popular if wanting a ring with a silver color. Additionally, gold can represent "golden years" which is wonderful.

Whichever type of wedding anniversary ring you choose, know the love of your life will be enchanted. Her smile will dazzle and embrace you for the love of your beautiful loving gift.

Creating Romantic Anniversary Gifts

If you have been married a long time, sometimes it can be challenging to keep the romance alive. When going through the effort to buy a gift, having it truly expresses "I Love you" in such a way that your love feels special and adored can challenging. Though buying a really nice diamond wedding anniversary ring says alot, often personal touches can say as much or more. Here is a sweet list of other things you can add to your gift:

  • Write a note with the top 5 reasons you love your partner
  • Include a mp3 of "your couple song" with an offer to dance in the living room (or kitchen)!
  • Add a list of 100 things you appreciate about your mate. You can even start your list like: Here are reasons I love you -- let me count the ways
  • Include Coupons From The Heart or Free Printable Love Coupons for monthly (or weekly) date nights
  • Create a physical or virtual photo album with pictures of things you have done together for the last year. Attach footnotes about things you particularly enjoyed.
  • Make a commitment to compliment (or thank) your partner at least once every day.
  • Give a poem or poetry book that truly represents your feelings. Read one or more poems to your beloved.

Congratulations on being in a commitment another year. May your love grow and flourish.