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The Black Diamond - the name alone connotes such mystery and aura around it. Looking at black diamond rings online can evoke emotions in you that cannot be described. The rings are so beautiful and full of grandeur. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but the black diamond is often a person's cherished possession.

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The Carbonado diamond, or more commonly known as the black diamond, is mined from the Central African Republic and Brazil. This diamond's natural color is black or sometimes dark gray. It is more porous than the white diamond, thus it is heavier in weight. Normally, a black diamond with the same size as a white diamond will have a higher carat.

Natural black diamonds are rare and hard to find. For every 10,000 diamonds mined, only one diamond will have the rare black color. That's why owning a black diamond ring now is not only a fashion trend, it also gives value by adding beauty and distinctiveness to the owner. Despite this fact, the prices of black diamonds are lower than the prices of pure white diamonds. This is because only a few people are aware of the availability of black diamond jewelry. Celebrities are buying and giving black diamond jewelry now more than ever and are leading into a new trend for fashion.


There are three types of black diamonds in the market today: Natural colored black diamonds, heat treated black diamonds - real diamonds treated under high heat to produce the black color, and irradiation treated black diamonds. The natural colored black diamonds are more valuable than treated diamonds.

Contrary to popular myth, black diamonds are not fakes. The black diamond rings that are widely available in the market today have real irradiated diamonds. Wearing treated black diamond jewelry is generally safer than having your cell phones in your pockets. There is no danger in wearing irradiated black diamond rings.

The Four C's of a Black Diamond

As with the purchase of any diamond, arming yourself with knowledge of the four C's will ensure that you can own a black diamond at just the right price.


One of the most important features of a diamond is its weight, which is measured in carat. Carat is the universal standard of weight measurement used for diamonds and black diamonds. It is always calculated within 2 decimal points.

An important factor to note is that due to the density and porosity of black diamonds, black diamonds weigh more than its counterpart white diamond. Therefore, a black diamond may appear smaller than a white diamond with the same carat.


When a black diamond is mined, it is still in its rough and unpolished form, requiring it to be cut and polished. The cut of a diamond should not be confused with its shape. The shape is the form by which it appears to the naked eye. A black diamond's cut will determine where the light hits and show its brilliance.


The color of black diamonds range from gray to greenish to midnight black and are referred to as fancy black, thick black, pale black and grayish dull black with white spots. It is porous and opaque so you cannot see through a black diamond. Generally, the more uniform the color saturation is in a black diamond, the more valuable it is.


Clarity is what will determine its most important value. Clarity shows if the black diamond has inclusions, damage, cleavage, or cracks present in it. Inclusions come in the form of fragments, pockets of gas, or liquid globules which affect the passage of light through the diamond. The lesser the inclusions or damage on a diamond, the more expensive it will cost.

Nowadays, it is fashionable and trendy to wear black diamond jewelry. Many men have bought black diamond engagement rings for their future brides. The black diamond ring, when set against white diamonds on a platinum setting is certainly a site to behold. Though it may be of lesser value than the white diamond, enabling you to purchase a higher carat black diamond, the warmth and beauty of a black diamond ring can surpass a white diamond ring. Black diamonds are special, real and valuable.