Blue Topaz Rings

Blue topaz rings are wonderful presents for people born during the month of December -- yet anyone can enjoy these lovely light blue gemstones. The fabulous thing about this lovely birthstone is that the color varies. Hence, the color is an important factor when choosing a blue topaz ring.

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Getting The Right Color of Blue Topaz

Often, color can determine whether a piece of jewelry is worn often or sits in a drawer. Blue topaz is unique by being available in several shades of light blue. The right shade for your setting depends on a number of different factors. The first factor is relatively obvious.

The first step is simply considering who is going to be wearing the ring. You want to choose the color blue the wearer will adore. You can choose the color the person wears often, matches their eyes or reminds them of something they love.

How many different shades of light blue could there possibly be? Actually, there are countless shades of hues for just one simple tone. The good news is that gemstone tones come in a handful of choices for you to consider. Blue topaz rings have three basic shades. This really helps in choosing a blue topaz ring!

Three Basic Shades of Blue Topaz Rings

  • Classic Light Blue Topaz: This color is clear and clean and pretty light. It is reminiscent of the sky on a cloudless day or the clear blue water on an island beach. This is a favorite among people who love light colors and airy spaces. These pieces of jewelry are perfect for a day at the beach.

  • Royal Blue Topaz: Those who love sophistication and bold statements may prefer the royal blue topaz rings. These gems are fantastic for rich, decadent designs and dressy occasions. This color is deep, dark and dreamy. The royal blue topaz rings are ideal for an elegant event like a formal wedding or the red carpet.

  • Teal Topaz: Teal is a favorite color among those who love the woods. This tone offers subtle hints of green in the blue topaz rings. This ring is ideal for anyone who loves to long hikes among the trees and forest greenery. This is also a great choice for redheads who look stunning in anything that has green undertones.

When shopping for your blue topaz rings, your first consideration should be your own personality and style. You may even find that all of the shades appeal to at least one aspect of your self.