Finding a NICE Cheap Engagement Ring

Inexpensive engagement rings that fit your budget

When you are in love, sometimes your pocketbook doesn't match your heart. You want a huge ring .. but really can't afford the expense. You want to have a great new beginning - without being hugely in debt over a ring. These all make sense, and here are many ways of finding, buying, and enjoying a cheap engagement ring that will last!

Cheap Engagement Rings:

Cheap Engagement Rings (priced $100-$200),

Inexpensive Engagement Rings (priced $500-$1000),

and CZ Engagement Rings (many less than $50) through Amazon

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How To Find The Perfect Cheap Engagement Rings

As engagement rings are often kept for a lifetime, though you want an inexpensive engagement ring, you also want a ring that will last. This means, if you can afford it, getting a precious metal for the band is recommended. If you can find discount engagement rings, this can be easily less than $200 sometimes less. This is why we choose to call the $100-$200 rings "cheap" as they are real 14 KT gold usually with small diamonds or larger alternative stones. If you are simply hoping for a ring that is inexpensive but is more traditional, we included those as well. Yet, many want an even more inexpensive ring -- either due to budget or with the idea that the ring will be replaced later on if it wears out. The CZ engagement rings will do that easily.

What Are Good Alternative Stones For An Engagement Ring?

Many people want to spend their money on a diamond for their engagement ring. Favorite alternative stones are birthstones, semi precious stones or other "clear" stones. Whichever type of stone you choose, you want a stone the bride-to-be will enjoy. Our favorites include: Aquamarine, White Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald. However, many people are very happy with a CZ stone. The biggest recomendation we can give is: ask your partner. Making the decision together builds trust and communication that will grow over the years.