Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

Cubic zirconia engagement rings can be a real alternative to diamond engagement rings. This is especially relevant for those couples who are on a strict budget that does not allow for a real diamond engagement ring. Just make sure you talk to your beloved.

Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings:

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Those who choose a cubic zirconia engagement ring should be afraid of being caught out if they wish to pass off a huge CZ engagement ring off as a real diamond ring to their friends and family. Though these stones have fooled even the most experienced of diamond 'experts' and jewelers, your friends generally can guess your budget and resources. Also, truthfulness usually wins out in the long run.

It is possible to mass produce cubic zirconia, and this is what makes them such a good cost effective alternative to diamonds. They are even more cost effective that moissanite, another faux diamond, as well as being cheaper that many other alternative gemstones.

That is a distinct lack of color in a cubic zirconia stone, that is not always apparent in the best and most expensive of diamonds, and it is this that would probably give it away to someone who examined it closely and knew about both stones.

Many jewelers will send their cubic zirconia stones away to a gemologist to have them especially cut to show them off to their best advantage and to ensure that only the best of these stones are used in the setting of a CZ engagement ring or other piece of jewelry.

For many couples, owning a cubic zirconia engagement ring will be the closest that they will come to being able to afford anything similar to a diamond. For other couples, one of these rings may be used as a stop gap while another diamond ring is being made.

Some couples will start off with a cubic zirconia engagement ring, and then, when they can afford it, they may replace the stone with a real diamond, whilst still keeping the original setting.

Whatever your reasons for buying a cubic zirconia engagement ring, remember that there is no stigma attached to them these days. Many couples decide to save the money that they would have spent on a diamond, and use if for something else instead.