Cultured Pearl Rings

Pearl rings, especially cultured pearl rings, are beautiful gifts that can be cherished for generations. As a symbol of love and caring, pearls are wonderful to wear and to behold.

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What Are Cultured Pearls?

Pearls are formed in the shells of oysters and clams. They are created when an irritant such as sand, is caught inside of the shell of these mullusks. Cultured pearls are made when a speck of something is inserted by man inside an oyster. Then, the pearls are made by nature using the same method that natural pearls are made.

How Are Pearls Priced?

Like diamonds, pearls are often graded for quality. There is no standardized system for grading pearls. They are usually graded on the following factors: smoothness (and shape), luster, size, and type. Smooth, round, pearls cost more. One also wants their pearl to have a bright sheen or very high luster. With all other factors being equal, a larger pearl costs more.

Cultured pearls are much less expensive as well as easier to find, than naturally occuring pearls. Read more information on where pearls are found, see our Pearl Necklace Sets page.

Caring for Your Pearl Ring

As pearls are very soft, they require special care. Cultured pearls should not be worn while doing anything with liquids, especially vinegar as vinegar will disolve pearls. Also, to avoid geting your cultured pearl ring chipped, avoid activities that would apply high pressure to your ring such as sports. The safest way to clean pearls is with a soft dry cloth.

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