Diamond Engagement Rings

The purchase of a diamond engagement ring should be a happy time. It signifies a time when you have decided to make the relationship you have with your prospective fiancé official and announce your intention and wish to get married. Buying the ring should be a happy affair, and with a few careful considerations, it is possible to do this without breaking the bank or disappointing your bride to be.

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Budgeting for a Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the first things to consider when you are thinking of buying a diamond engagement ring is your budget. If you have a large budget and funds available to you then you will not have a problem buying the diamond engagement ring that you want to give your financé.

However is your budget is a little tighter, or just plan small then you need to think carefully about what you are buying. Do not do what many men do, and use your credit card or a loan to buy a diamond engagement ring. You may end up being able to buy the size of diamond that will impress not only your fiancé, but all her friends and family, but I doubt very much if she will be so impressed to learn that you have put yourself into debt to buy it!

Buy the ring that you can afford. Look around and choose carefully. Do not be swayed by the tendency today of people to only ask how many carats the diamond is. Where this comes from, no one really knows, apart from it is a way of showing that you are part of the elite.

Giving a diamond was traditional because it represented something that was beautiful, and could not be broken. Hence when two people were in love and wanted to show this to everyone, the man would give the woman a diamond ring.

With a little care and attention, as well as some legwork and research, you will be able to find the diamond that you, your financé and your bank balance will be happy with.

Spotting a Fake Diamond

If you are offered a large diamond, for a low cost price then do not be tempted. The chances are it is a fake diamond. Here are ways of detecting a fake diamond:

  • Newspaper Loose Diamond Test: One test to see if the loose diamond that you intend to buy is a fake, is to put it on top of a newspaper. If you can see not through the diamond, straight to the newspaper, then it may be a true diamond. If you can read the paper through the stone, it is not a true diamond.
  • Examining The Diamond With A Jewelers Loupe: Diamond facets should be well defined, very few scratches (you can also see the quality of the stone this way).
  • Using a Diamond Tester: A diamond tester works well to determine if light refracts correctly for a diamond.
  • Fog Test: Though diamonds do fog, they clear quickly. Other stones often keep their fog for a long period of time.
  • Look at the Ring Mounting: If the diamond is mounted, it will usually be in a high quality mounting, for example 14 Kt Gold. (Note: this does not guarentee anything, it is just more likely - especially if it is an older ring.)

Do as many tests as you can manage for the most accurate results.

For more useful information see our Diamond Buying Guide.

When purchasing a diamond engagement ring, educate yourself to save money. Read our Wedding Ring FAQ to discover answers commen questions.