Diamond Rings

Nothing expresses love like a diamond ring. It dazzles, sparkles and shines. A diamond ring shouts "I love you!" Everyone knows it means love - and it expresses itself beautifully. Though there are many alternatives to diamond rings, if you can afford it and your loved one appreciates it, a diamond ring is the way to show love in a tangible way.

Diamond Rings:

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There are many styles of diamond rings. Most popular styles are: a solitaire, a 3 stone ring, a channel set ring, or a cluster ring. When there are multiple diamonds in a ring, the diamond carat weight is often lsted as "ctw" for the total weight of alldiamonds combined. Know that a single large diamond will cost substantially more than many small ones even if the overall total weight is the same.

Why Diamonds?

Diamonds are usually most woman's favorite gemstone. This has been true through ages that diamonds are used by many woman regarding its age and location throughout the world. Many special women like queens and princesses of many places have a jewelry pieces with diamonds.

Men also seem to enjoy wearing has diamond jewelry at times. It's been an important accessory in their outfits or get up in any event or occasion as diamonds adds a noticeable effect to anyone who wears it. It's one precious accessory that lasts generations with proper care. Many people have passed their jewelries to their next generation's family. And the diamond is the most important gem they keep among any other of its kind. Though many years have passed since but diamonds are still considered the queen of all gems. Its popularity and value just continue to grow and it never ceases to be the woman's favorite gem.

Why Diamonds Rings?

A simple answer as to why the diamond ring is so popular is because diamond rings are usually used for engagement, anniversary and wedding bands. The wide variety of different shapes, sizes, colors, cuts, clarity, and carats, help the overall popularity of the diamond rings for displaying ones love.

Diamonds are the first stone considered for engagement rings because they are beautiful and durable. This makes them ideal for wearing daily, as they are not likely to scratch, break, or become damaged.

It also helps that diamonds are a status symbol. By wearing a large diamond ring, ladies and the men engaged in them, are can display their wealth. Sometimes people use their engagement rings are to appear well loved, weathy and sophisticated.

Judging a Diamond

When purchasing a diamond ring, there are many things you should know about diamonds first. Diamonds are classified using the four C's. These 4 C's include clarity, carat, cut, and color.

When a diamond has a high clarity rating, it means that there are very few, if any, flaws in the diamond. Though a diamond's cut is often confused with its shape -- it is more concerned with the faceting and the ratio of the diamond. A diamond's cut is judged on how proportional the diamond was cut into the final shape as this affects how much the diamond reflects light and sparkles. The carat of the diamond is how large a diamond is in weight; 200 milligrams is equal to one carat. A diamond's color can be eiher how brilliantly the translucent white a diamond is or how bright the alternative color (such as yellow, pink, red of blue) a diamond is.


Regular care for your ring will help it sparkle more and keep looking beautiful every day. This includes: home cleanings, regular ring checkups, proper storage and knowing when not to wear your ring.

Home cleanings are easy. If your jewelry is only gold, platinum and/or diamonds, washing lightly in warm soapy water followed by gently patting with a soft clean, lint free cloth usually will help you maintain your diamond sparkle. If your jewelry is made of other materials, jewelry cleaner is a safer alternative. Read the instructions carefully to make certain it is safe for your jewelry. Always try it on an inconspicious spot first.

We recommend an annual checkup for your precious stone jewelry - especially rings. A jeweler can check the prongs of settings to make certain that the stones will not fall out. A jewelry will also give your jewely a professional cleaning in case your home cleanings are not sufficient.

Though they say diamonds are forever, one can damage diamond jewelry with hard blows, storing them with other diamonds, and with chemicals from cleaning or swimming pools. So store your jewelry separately. Remove your jewelry before applying makeup, doing household work and active sports (including swimming).

More Information

Learn more in our Diamond Buying Guide. If you are buying a diamond ring as an engagement or a wedding ring, our Wedding Ring FAQ answers many questions such as: "Is There Anything Wrong With Buying A Used Set?" and "How Much Of The Diamond/Wedding Ring Business Is Industry Hype?". Practical answers to everyday wedding ring questions.

To measure your ring size, you can use our Free Ring Sizer. Be sure to measure your size in the evening when you have warm hands to get an accurate measurement. When measuring ring size, slip the sizer lightly over the knuckle.