Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald engagement rings are perfect, elegant and beautiful. This deep green stone shimmers with romance and has been a favorite for all brides to be for many years, and it will continue to be a favorite for many years to come.

Emerald Engagement Rings:

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Whether you choose a single emerald, or an emerald set with other stones in a cluster you or your bride to be will not be disappointed. The most traditional way to display an emerald in an emerald engagement ring is to either have single emeralds surrounded by diamonds, or a single diamond surrounded by emeralds. Whatever combination you or your bride to be chooses, the diamonds will accentuate the green shimmering stone perfectly.

It is often possible to find antique emerald engagement rings. This will have the added beauty of being cut to perfection and set in a way that is probably more difficult to find today. However, if you do find a setting that you like for your emerald engagement ring, then do not be afraid to sketch it out and take the design to your jeweler to see if he can make it for you with emeralds.

Before you buy your bride to be an emerald engagement ring, make sure it is to her taste. They are a true green color, so be sure that she likes green!

Emerald can be set into all sorts of metal. Whether it is traditional gold, white gold, silver or platinum, they will all highlight the beauty of the stone. You may however find that you are limited in the settings for your emerald engagement ring when compared to other stones, but this should not deter you. If you cannot find one that you both like, then design your own and ask your jeweler to make it up for you. Many are happy to do so, and will also help you with the design. Be guided by them, as they are the experts in this, and will want to make you a ring that is as unique and beautiful as the stone itself.

If you choose an emerald engagement ring, your bride to be will be stunned by its beauty and the thought you have put into it.