Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are worn for a lifetime -- so make sure the engagement ring dazzles, delights and fills one with love. Many woman dream of an engagement ring their entire life - so if possible, find out preferences first.

Engagement Rings:

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Tips for Choosing An Engagement Ring

There are many factors to consider when buying an engagement ring. Some are obvious; some are more obscure. Besides staying in your budget, remember these elements:

  • Durability: Know that as this will be worn everyday, so one needs to pick a ring that fits ones lifestyle. If one is very active, consider a channel set ring as it is less likely to get caught on items. Getting a high quality ring will last longer.
  • Qualities: If you are looking for a unusual engagement ring, decide what you want different about it. Do you want a different stone, unusual setting, more elaborate ring, or just a unique style? Think about why you want it different and whether that difference will fit in the bride-to-be's lifestyle. One reason gold and diamond engagement rings are so popular is because they are durable. If you decide on an opal engagement ring, know that much more care for the ring will be needed -- and the likelihood of it lasting a lifetime is small without really persistent habits. So choose a ring with lots of care.
  • Number of Diamonds: When comparing diamond engagement rings, always note if there are several diamonds. Diamonds are priced by size. If the ring has "ctw" rather than "ct", that means that multiple diamonds are being used to determine the carat weight. A 1 carat "ctw" will be much less expensive than a 1 carat solitaire "ct" diamond ring. Be certain that you are comparing alike rings for price.
  • Designer or Not: Sometimes people want designer rings - such as Harry Winston or Tiffany's. If you are on a tighter budget you can mimic these by getting a Tiffany-style engagement ring. Alternately, you can explore vintage-style or antique-style engagement rings for classic looks that will last.

Ideas for Unusual Engagement Rings

Many brides to be like the idea of having a completely unique and unusual engagement ring. It is a way of expressing the individuality of the bride to be, and also that of the couple as a whole. Some couples decide to go for an unusual engagement ring because they want something that they know no-one else will have. Some couples intend the ring to become a family heirloom that they can hand down to their children.

One way of buying an unusual engagement ring is to purchase stones that are not the usual diamonds. There are many precious and semi-precious stones that can be used in the setting of an engagement ring to give it an individual feel. These include not only the traditional diamond, but also aquamarine, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Of course, any stone that you choose can be made into a setting, and this will all add to the uniqueness of the engagement ring.

In days gone by, it was traditional for the man to give his fiance an engagement ring that was made up of her own birthstone, with the birthstone of her mother and father on either side of it. This represented the joining of the whole family. This tradition is still alive in some cultures, although the significance of giving any engagement ring never changes.

Remember, that before you purchase an unusual engagement ring for your prospective fiance, that you need to understand her tastes and preferences very well. She might not be pleased with an unusual engagement ring as a piece of jewelry, or she might prefer a more traditional one. However, if the ring is given with love and commitment, she will be pleased with the significance of the act. However, she will be wearing the ring every day for the rest of her life, so it makes sense to choose one that she will enjoy wearing!

Buying an unusual engagement ring can be way of showing your bride to be just how much you love her, and how much this commitment means to you. It does not have to be the biggest and most expensive ring, it is the significance of giving it that counts. Indeed, if cost is an issue, then looking for something less expensive than a traditional ring, might be an option, as it shows that you went out of your way to look for something individual to her tastes.

Buying Tips

When buying engagement rings, one can get confused on what to buy. Educate yourself to get the most for your money. Use our Wedding Ring FAQ to answer several questions such as: "What Is The Best Way To Buy A Wedding Set?", "How Do I Know What To Buy?", and "Can I Buy a Fake Diamond?". Keep it as a useful resource.

When purchasing a diamond, our Diamond Buying Guide gives you precisely what you need -- how to get the most value for your money by understanding differences in quality.

If you are unsure of your ring size, you can measure it with plastic ring sizers from a jeweler or use our free ring sizer. Measuring your ring size at night usually provides you with a more accurate size. When determining your ring size, the sizer should smoothly go over your knuckles.