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Gemstone rings are a personal gift used to show love and caring. Friendship rings, promise rings and wedding rings can all be made with gemstones. The most popular gemstone ring is a diamond ring as it has been used to symbolize love for centuries. Other popular choices are aquamarine, emerald, and ruby.

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When buying a gemstone ring, you need to know the person's ring size, how big a stone they like to wear, the shape of the stone they would like, and the type of stone that appeals to them.

Most Valuable Gemstones

There are more than 40 varieties of gemstones. Each of them has distinct characteristics that made them to be sought after by gem collectors. Men and women around the world have different taste in choosing the gemstones that they would want to purchase and make as part of their collections. Topping their lists are these most valuable gemstones.


The first on the list is the hardest known mineral, the Diamond. Aside from its hardness, its brilliance and polish that retains for generations are more than enough reason to make it the most valuable among these stones. Because of this, it is therefore the most expensive of them all. Diamonds are widely used in jewelries. In wedding rings, for example, they are said to symbolize eternal love that it is why women really love to wear them on their wedding day. In fact, they considered girl's best friend. Of course, it really takes serious considerations before being considered as their best friend. But how just these minerals are made? They are a form of carbon which crystallized due to high pressure and great heat. Australia and Namibia are two leader sources of these valuable gemstones.


Sapphire is second on the list. It is almost as hard as diamond. Sapphires are commonly blue but there are also green, white, pink, gold, and orange of them found. This corundum type of gem is formed from a variety of aluminum oxide. Sri Lanka is rich of these which make them the primary source of all colors of the said gemstone.


In Columbia, we can find the emerald which lands on the third spot of the most valuable gems. The emerald stone is formed from a combination of three main minerals, namely silicon, aluminum, and beryllium. Unlike the first two mentioned gems, this green stone is said to be brittle and rarely flawless most of the time. Its green color is due to the presence of chromium. During the ancient times, it is even believed that emeralds can cure fever and plague.


Even though they are the rarest of the gems, rubies aren't considered the most valuable. They are known for their blood red color which is also due to the presence of chromium in the stones chemical composition. It is believed to promote good health and make people look young. And in ancient times, it is even said to guard fruit trees from disease. These ranking is based on their price value, rarity and usage. But we can never be certain of how these different gemstones are valued by people. People around the world have different tastes, likes, and preferences. A gemstone valuable to one may be the least valuable to another for some personal reasons.

Gem Quality

But in the market, value of gemstones still depends on the four C's namely color, carat weight, clarity and cut. These are the four factors that gemologists consider in deciding the price of the gems. But aside from the physical attributes of these gems, we must also consider on how these stones affected lives of the ancient people because during those old times, they didn't have a mnemonic device to base their pricing from. The wonder of how they are formed or occurred in nature is also a factor that must be taken into consideration.


If you do not know someone's ring size, see if you can manage to borrow one of their rings. You can then measure it or have a jeweler measure it. Alternately, if you are using a ring sizer, be sure to use it at the end of the day when your hands are not cold to get the most accurate size. When measuring ring size, the sizer should easily slide over the knuckle. Feel free to use our Free Ring Sizer to measure yourself or your rings.


Choosing the shape of a gemstone in a ring can be as enjoyable as picking out the type of gemstone. For long fingers, oval stones look very elegant. For shorter fingers, having a round or square ring looks just right. Always, the heart shaped ring is very special and tends to delight anyones hand.


For gemstone rings, getting a durable stone is recommended as no matter how careful you are, it is likely to get banged at some point of time. Opal, though popular for rings, is not recommended unless the person is very careful as it is easily damaged.

Gem Care

Be sure to remove gemstone rings before swimming, gardening, cleaning and applying make up. Keeping gemstones out of the sun when not being worn is recommended. A ring holder is great for storing rings when not in use.