Gold Engagement Rings

Men and women still prefer gold engagement rings. Even with the rise of popularity of other metals for wedding bands and other rings, many couples will still choose traditional gold engagement rings as well as gold wedding bands.

Gold Engagement Rings:

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Gold Jewelry

By choosing a gold engagement ring, it means that couples are easily able to match it up with their wedding bands to complete a whole matching ensemble. The affordability of gold engagement rings, when compared to platinum for example, makes this traditional choice also an economic one.


The most popular stone to be set into a gold engagement ring is a diamond. This can either be a solitaire or in a row with other diamonds. It is also popular with a gold engagement ring to have a diamond and other colored stones set into the gold band of the ring.

Match Other Jewelry

Women seem to like gold engagement rings as they can match up all their jewelry accessories to be the same. If they have a gold engagement ring, then they are able to wear all gold or gold plated jewelry.


Those with an allergy to gold will have to choose another metal such as platinum or silver for their engagement rings. Platinum wears better than gold, but it is more difficult to fashion, and so the choice available is often limited. Some people choose platinum for the intricate designs that can be cut into it, but on the whole, in America, women still prefer to own gold engagement rings. 14 Kt and 18 Kt yellow gold often do not have nickel in them. So if the allergy is to nickel and not gold, you may stll be able to get the ring you desire.

Always in Style

Gold rings have always been popular, but over the past 70 years, they have remained as popular as always, and in some regions they are more popular than ever.

Gold is often seen as a long term investment, so it makes sense to buy the best that you can afford. This will also wear better. But if you are of limited funds, then it is still possible to buy a good gold engagement ring. In fact, that is one of many good reasons for buying your bride to be a gold engagement ring. No matter what you budget, you are sure to find a gold engagement ring that will look lovely on her finger.