Mens Black and White Diamond Rings

A large part of the attractiveness of mens black and white diamond rings is in the black diamonds. There are three recognized types of black diamonds that can be found in jewellery and these are the natural diamond, the irradiated diamond and the heat treated diamond. The black diamond in jewellery became popular during the late 1990s. When the black diamond jewellery was re-introduced in an important jewellery presentation at the time, its critics compared it to polished black coal. It did not matter, the black diamond style took off and the mens black and white diamond rings have been popular since.

Mens Black and White Diamond Rings:

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Before this time, black diamonds were mainly used for industrial purposes until the dark stones began to show up in jewellery having lost their popularity for use as a gemstone. Since its new popularity arose, the black diamond has continued to be a popular choice of gemstone and so to meet the growing demand from an ever-lessening supply, the irradiated black diamond was developed and appeared as the black diamond's alternate stone. The irradiated stone is actually a deep green.

Not long after, a heat treatment was developed which was used to improve lesser diamonds into another version of the "black diamond". The heat-treated black diamonds are identified by inclusions, which are found near the surface of the diamond unlike the natural black diamond that has its inclusions placed in a more random fashion throughout the stone.

There is a wide range of tones of black diamonds with black being one of the rarest. A black diamond is actually a stone in transition from being graphite to becoming a diamond. The black color is caused by the presence of iron or graphite. Some white diamonds may have black inclusions, which causes the white diamond to be considered a black diamond. Other stones may also be passed off as black diamonds.

True Black Crystal Is Rare

The quality of a black diamond can be measured is its color, clarity cut and carat. Rarely, you may find true black diamonds that are highly prized. The black diamond that is a pure and untreated crystal is very rare and is the finest quality black diamond. Some black diamond resembles black onyx and you can see black onyx and white diamond rings that may resemble some black diamond jewellery. Black diamonds are usually cut small because this stone is easily chipped during the cutting process.

Men's Stylish Rings

You can find men's black and white diamond rings that are carried in a wide selection of designs and styles. You can find rings that feature black and white diamonds in a formal or informal design that is right for any event or occasion. You can find designs that are abstract, traditional, symbols, letters, numbers that have been created from patterns of larger and smaller sized black and white diamonds.

You can find rings that are designed with the band fully inlaid with black and white diamonds or you can view simple bands with only a few black and white diamonds to enhance it. You may design your own designs and present them to a fine jeweller who can create your customized rings based on your designs. The precious metals used for the creations of this type of fine jewellery are platinum, silver, white gold and gold.

The final choice you make for a mens black and white diamond ring must match the style of and be in proportion to its intended wearer. Proportion meaning a bulky ring should not be chosen for a man with small hands and a small ring should not be chosen for a man with big hands.

Mens black and white diamond rings are among the most stunning ring styles that you can find. When you find a ring that is well suited for the man who will wear it, you can be proud of your final choice.