Mens Diamond Wedding Bands

Why should only the bride have all the fun of shopping for a diamond ring and having it be paid by the groom? It's the age of equal rights now -- so come on, gals, pony up to the diamond bar and buy your Prince Charming a crown jewel from the vast selection of mens diamond wedding bands available. If you already have a diamond engagement ring, wear that and see if that diamond looks compatible with the diamond in the mens diamond wedding band.

Mens Diamond Wedding Bands:

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Crystal Magic

According to legend and mythology, diamonds are not considered the rocks of love. Rocks that promote and attract love and fertility are emeralds, rubies and rose quartz. But diamonds have always been associated with strength, considering that they are nature's hardest element. So an exchange of diamonds became traditional not to keep the fires burning, but to make sure no outside forces put those fires out.

The symbol of the ring is also rooted in myth and tradition. A perfect circle does not have a discernable beginning or end -- therefore, it doesn't have a weak point where you can break it. It is thought that the original use of necklaces was to carry magic talisman and amulets close to the body -- and a ring is a little necklace for the finger. So, in one sense, getting a men's diamond wedding band not only is a great present but helps protect the subtle magic of human pairings.

So Many Rings, Only One Finger

Ideally, you should bring your man to the jeweler's so he can participate in the selection of his men's diamond wedding band. He might seem bored, he might wear plaid shirts and horizontal pinstriped pants, but he soon will be motivated by a bright new shiny object. He might grumble at the cost you are spending on him. He might even compare how many beers or video games or sports tickets he could get for the money you are spending on men's diamond wedding rings.

However, unlike beer, electronics and sports tickets, men's diamond wedding band increase in value as they age. Fads in fashion, sports teams and even foods wax and wane each month, it seems, but some things always have value and beauty in the eyes of people from caveman times to the future. Diamond rings are one of them. So, in choosing his ring from the myriad of men's diamond wedding bands, you are in a sense showing him how much you have invested in him to give him such a gift that will only get more valuable as time goes by.

Men's diamond wedding bands come in several metals to choose from. Platinum is obviously the most expensive. White, golden gold or two-toned gold is another choice and usually the most popular. Diamonds usually aren't set in stainless steel or cheaper metals. Patiently explain this to your Prince Charming. Part of the magic of the diamond is enhanced by the strong magic of gold or platinum. One of the newest materials men's diamond wedding bands are being set in is titanium. He might like that best.

The Final Choice

Your man might not be much of a shopper. But there is a school of thought that stones like diamonds have a unique spirit in them that can resonate with the inner spirit of people. If your man clearly does not want to try on ring after ring, ask him to hold your hand with the diamond ring on. The vibes from your diamond should permeate his body. He then can better make a decision about a ring. Even if he thinks "you're being silly", the theory alone should make him pay more attention how important this choice is. Unconsciously, he will make the best choice for not only him, but for your diamond as well.

And once he does make a firm choice, don't try to talk him out of it, even if the ring looks horrible. It's his ring. Picking a ring together will help give the both of you a quick lesson on making a decision together, which you will have to do everyday in a marriage.