Mens Tanzanite Rings

Mens tanzanite rings are growing extremely popular. They are very beautiful yet very masculine. There is a touch of uniqueness about them. The color of tanzanite is unusual and very eye catching. So when desiring a mens ring consider a mens tanzanite ring.

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Qualities Of Tanazite in Mens Rings

Many qualities of men's tanazite rings that can be enjoyed by their owner and besides its rich variety of colors, there is the variation in crystal formation that gives different displays such as the cat's eye, changes in color under different light conditions and the ability to change color if it is revolved as you view it.

These light sensitive stones will show a more violet color under incandescent lighting so if you can look at the stone under natural lighting, you will see the stone's color without any interference from the light source. Excellent tanazite gemstones will display a saturated blue under any lighting condition. Tazanite stones have good clarity in general and you can buy these gems in small to very large cuts.

Colors of Tanazite

Untreated tanazite comes in a variety of colors including red-purples, blues, violets, browns, grays and greens with a favoured color being the blue with a touch of purple. Some of these gemstones display a cat's eye and you may find tanazite stones that change color under daylight and nighttime conditions.

Heat is applied to this gemstone for clarity and the violet-blue color. What is remarkable about the tanazite is its quality of pleochroism, which means that when an unheated stone is turned, three-color changes may be observed. Most of the tanazite gemstones that you see now have been heat treated to produce their blue colors.

Choosing A Tanazite Stone

As a feature stone in tanazite men's rings, the deep blues and other similar tones of this gemstone appeal to a man and its colors are suitable for the ring's gemstone. The color is noble, will exude masculinity as a choice for a men's tanazite ring, and will please most men because of its classic and rare beauty.

This gemstone was discovered in 1966 in Tanzania, Africa and was introduced by Tiffany & Co. in 1969. During early mining efforts, large stones were found, such as the 122.7-karat tanazite stone displayed at the Smithsonian Institute. Tanzania is the only place in the world where Tanazite can be found.

Tanazite In A Men's Ring

As a ring stone, the tanazite is prone to damage and when it is used in a ring, you must be careful when you are wearing it so that you do not accidentally scratch or chip the stone. Tanazite is a softer gemstone that may be damaged easily from scratching, chipping and cracking. Use warm and soapy water with a soft cloth or brush to clean your gemstone and avoid ultrasonic cleaning for this sensitive gemstone.

Benefits Of The Tanazite

You can find brilliant displays of tanazite on men's rings with tanazite being used as the feature stone in round, emerald, square, oval and other gemstone cutting shapes. The blue of the stone is striking against a platinum or silver setting and the color is just as beautiful and alluring when it is set in a white gold or gold setting.

Diamonds may encircle the feature gemstone or band or the tanazite feature stone could have lighter accents with just a few diamonds and other precious gems. You can find features on a tanazite men's ring that accent the feature stone and the band and you could even order customized men's tanazite rings based on your own design.

Mystical And Alternative Healing Qualities Of Tanazite

Magical and alternative healing beliefs about the tanazite include that it can assist with transformation through positive support for the heart chakra and other beliefs about this stone say that it can provide relief from depression, raise the consciousness and provide assistance to blending desires and reality. Alternative healers for health problems concerning some major organs of the body also use the stone. Tanazite jewelry is one of the gifts that can be used as the anniversary gemstone for the twenty-fourth year of marriage.

Many qualities can be found in men's tanazite rings and it is easy to see why many owners of tanzanite jewellery cherish this gemstone. Choosing from tanazite men's rings for an addition to a man's jewellery collection will allow you to add a high quality piece of jewellery that will be suitable for many occasions.