Mens Wedding Rings

Mens wedding rings have a fairly recent arrival to the scene of wedding finery. Through most of history, it was the woman that was given and subsequently wore a wedding ring. During the 1920's jewelers began to make and manufacture mens wedding rings, but they didn.t take off in popularity until the 1940's. Mens wedding rings soared in popularity when the double ring ceremony came into fashion.

Mens Wedding Rings:

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The Tradition Of Mens Wedding Rings

Traditionally, mens wedding rings, like all wedding rings, symbolize the legal commitment that a couple makes when they wed. The wearing of mens wedding rings tells the world that you have made a commitment to one person and you plan to spend the rest of your life with that person. Symbolically, the endless circle of mens wedding rings stands for the endless love a bride and groom feel for each other.

Traditionally, in America, Sweden, France, and the United Kingdom, mens wedding rings are worn on the left hand. This tradition dates back to ancient times when common thought stated that the left hand contained a vein that went directly to the heart. This vein was called vena amoris, or vein of love. The thought behind wearing mens wedding rings on your left hand is that that hand has a direct link to the wearer's heart.

In other European cultures, mens wedding rings are worn on the right hand. Roman custom stated that things tasks that are holy are done with the right hand. The word left even comes from the Latin word, sinestra, from which we derive the English word, sinister. This is why we traditionally shake a person's right hand and why in many cultures, wedding rings are worn on the right hand instead of the left.

Styles Of Mens Wedding Rings

At one time, mens wedding rings came in one style: a simple gold wedding band. Today there is a wide array of styles available. While there are many types of metals available, most men still choose a wedding ring made of gold. If you want to stick with tradition, but you aren't fond of the way gold looks in a ring, you can always choose white gold instead of a traditional yellow gold. Silver is also an acceptable metal and in recent years titanium has become a very popular choice for mens wedding rings. The rise in popularity for titanium may be due to its durability. Many people like the symbolism of likening it to the durability of love. Other non-traditional choices are stainless steel or a mix of gold and silver. Very seldom do jewelers make wedding rings from copper or brass. These metals don't hold up to wear well, and as a result are not good symbols of a love you want last.

The day of the plain gold band is gone. Today's jeweler offers many style choices that goes beyond the type of metal used. More and more mens 2tone wedding rings are gaining popularity. Some are simple rings with 2 different colors of gold, others are embellished. You can find braided metal rings, gemstones imbedded in wedding rings, and even symbols and designs on a ring. Some men opt for a ring that is similar in design to the band that they give their wife.

All wedding bands can be engraved and many couples like the idea of personalizing a wedding ring with the date of their marriage, a mixture of their names, or even a short sentiment. When a wedding ring is engraved, a unique family heirloom is created that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Not all men wear a ring when they are married and it is can be acceptable for a man to choose not to wear a ring if both members of the couple agree. The wearing of a wedding ring is a personal choice that couples should make for themselves.