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Since being introduced into jewelry by Cartier in the 1890s, platinum, and platinum engagement rings have become a 'must have' for many women. So if you are planning on proposing to the woman you love, then you might consider platinum for her engagement rings rather than the more traditional gold or silver.

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Platinum has become increasingly popular in jewelry over the last few years, and platinum engagement rings have proved to be no exception to this. The advantages of platinum have been realized and its beauty has been appreciated, so if you are new to this metal, here are some of the reasons why so many women like it so much.

  • Color - Platinum makes the ideal choice for an engagement ring as it is cold gray-white in color. This means that it will not overpower the beauty of the stone that you choose for the engagement ring. Indeed, the color of platinum highlights and compliments many different stones.

  • Rarity value - platinum is much more rare than gold, and this is reflected in its price. You can expect to pay much more for a platinum engagement ring than you would for a gold or silver one, or even a white gold ring.

  • Strength - platinum engagement rings are stronger than those made of gold or silver. Platinum is said to be the strongest of all precious metals. An engagement ring is meant to be worn daily for a whole lifetime, and you need to understand that people will change over that time, ie, they may put on weight, or lose weight. A platinum engagement ring is less likely to break when it is being altered than a gold ring.

When seeing the price of a platinum engagement ring, you may be tempted to compromise and buy a ring made from white gold. However, although this can be stylish alternative, white gold is not as strong or pure in color. Indeed, you may find that depending on the quality of the white gold, it may still have a yellowish tinge to it, which might be highlighted once the stone has been set on it.